For information regarding the USYF ID Camp and/or Futsal Festival in Kansas City, MO please contact US Youth Futsal Administrator Soorena Farboodmanesh at soorena@usyouthfutsal.com


619 Futsal Summer Camp: July 28 - July 31 (Mon-Thurs)

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2nd Annual 619 Futsal Tournament: August 22 - 24 (3 games guaranteed)


Spring Session has come to a close.  Thank you for a great session.  Our next league will begin in November!  Good luck with your summer training and tournaments!


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4/16/2012 - Claudio Reyna’s vision for US Soccer includes Futsal  (more)

US Development Academy goes Younger and puts Futsal in its plans (full article)



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 Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How many players should I have on my roster?

A:  We recommend 8-12 players.  The minimum you may have is 5; max is 15.


Q:  What size ball does my team need?

A:  U10 and younger - size 3 or a Select "Jinga Jr"

     U11 and older – size 4 or a Select "Jinga"
619 Futsal has the following brands of balls available:

Do not bring outdoor balls into the facilities. They are not allowed for warm-up. Only futsal balls are allowed. Home team is responsible for providing a game quality ball.

Q:  How long are the games?

A:  Two 24 minute halves (plus a short halftime break)


Q: How do substitutions work?

A:  Substitutions are unlimited and are done “on the fly” from designated areas.


Q: Are numbered jerseys required for league play?

A:  No, the only requirement is that all players wear the same color.


Q:  Does my team need a coach? And does the coach need to be licensed for futsal?

A:  Coaches are not mandatory but are recommended.  No licenses are required.




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619 Futsal is now a member of United States Youth Futsal, formerly Super F League.  Super F League changed its name to more accurately reflect its prominence and expanding role in growing the sport of futsal in the U.S.






 If you have any questions or comments about our league or our website, please feel free to email us at 619futsal@gmail.com