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Updated at 8:00am on January 5th, 2014:

All 10am Futsal games will start on time at all facilities!

We will send out information on rescheduling all games that have been cancelled due to inclement weather this week.  

To receive updates on inclement weather please sign-up for our Mobile Messaging: 


Futsal Magico El Clasico
Congratulations to all of the Champions and Finalist.

 2nd Annual Futsal Magico El Clasico

Congratulations to all of the Champions and Finalist. We would also like to thank all of our participants who competed in our Futsal Clasico El Magico Tournament.

Tournament Results

2014 US Youth Futsal Nationals
Congratulations to all of the Champions and Finalist.

Congratulations to all of the Champions and Finalist.  There was some beautiful Futsal played last weekend!  We would also like to thank all of our participants and our special guests Queensland Girls Futsal Academy who competed in our girls U16 Division. 

Tournament Results

More Highlights coming in Full HD soon!

FUTSAL I.D. -- Central Region | New Century, KS
May 16-18, 2014

FUTSAL I.D. is the nation’s first-ever futsal player identification program, designed to identify and develop elite players in the most challenging and competitive environment possible.

The program includes five regional FUTSAL I.D. camps including one right here in New Century, KS and the US Youth Futsal Festival, from which youth national teams will be selected. Long-term, it will also serve as a pipeline for the US National Futsal Teams. Camps will be led by Keith Tozer and the US Youth Futsal Coaching Staff.  Click Here For More Info!

Futsal KC 2013/2014 Winter Futsal Season

Thank You KC.  Our 2013/2014 Winter Futsal Season Is Sold Out

  • Futsal KC is the only Futsal League in the Kansas City Area Sanctioned By US Soccer
  • Futsal KC is the largest Futsal League in the United States.
  • Futsal KC only uses US Soccer Certified Referees.
  • Futsal KC uses 4 state of the art facilities.  
  • Managed by very experienced professionals.
  • Home of the US Youth Futsal Nationals 
  • Best of all, It’s fun to play Futsal with Futsal KC
  • Sold out with 395 teams





2013/2014 Futsal KC Winter Futsal Schedule

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