Junior Futsal Academy

Junior Futsal Program Description

(Contact Academy Director Max Latona for more information)

Our Futsal Junior Academy is open to all boys and girls ages 6-9. The program emphasizes developmental skills and tactical training in an environment that promotes learning and fun. Children are placed in classes with similarly skilled players in order to maximize their development. 

Players between the ages of 6 and 9 are in the “golden age” of development. The appropriate training program can have a tremendous impact on the future success of a player and his or her passion for the game. Players at these ages begin to mature and take on a personality and style of play of their own. With the understanding that all children develop at different rates (this is especially the case with soccer and futsal players), those that show advanced skill at these ages may be asked to join the Junior Futsal Academy. These players typically have an increased appetite to learn and improve all aspects of their game.
The Junior Futsal Academy training will provide challenging technical drills, games, and exercises in order to increase confidence and enhance foot skills of advanced junior players. Drills will build upon the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, and passing in a fast paced format. The program will build the foundation for teaching tactical components that will improve player understanding of the game. 
Principles of Age-Appropriate Development
Our Junior Futsal Academy program implements basic principles of human development. Children at these ages love to “play”. Therefore, most training sessions will incorporate fun and creative games into the training plan. Other principles that will be followed include:
  • Players must spend as much time as possible with a ball at their feet, and must have the opportunity to experiment by themselves;
  • This is a time when players also need to build relationships with other players. We will give players different responsibilities in order to develop a sense of team-work.
  • Basic motor skills like walking, running, jumping, changing direction, etc. have to be combined with ball handling and ball control.
  • Players are beginning to have a special ability to learn. Therefore, this is the right age to work on soccer specific techniques and skills. Developing good technique is critical at this age.
  • 1v1 and 2v1 attacking and defending situations are important to develop individual skills as well as the passing techniques necessary to develop a team game.
  • Small-sided games are used to develop basic attacking and defensive principles.

Program Benefits and Cost:

Program Cost:  $290

  • FutsalNH Training Shirt
  • Futsal Ball
  • 12 or more trainings (1 hr each) from Nov. 1 through Feb. 28
  • Qualified Futsal Trainers and Coaches
  • Tournaments and League Games possible (extra fee per player)

Tryouts for this program were held in October, but contact Academy Director Max Latona for more information and to see if any spots are open.