Elite Futsal Academy Selection Protocol


The objective is to create an unbiased process for which the top futsal players are identified from within the league and from other sources. FUTSALNH is not affiliated with any one club program. Being aware that players from different clubs will be coming together to play on these elite teams, we have instituted a strict no recruiting policy. The FUTSALNH Academy Program is designed to complement a player’s existing club, school and/or ODP commitments.


The identification process will be an ongoing effort, starting during the previous year’s FUTSALNH winter season. Tryouts will occur in April of each year to select for the June to February commitment.
Tryout Invitation Process:
A multi-tiered approach will allow for FUTSALNH to have the largest reach and to allow participation from the greatest number of futsal players. The following are, but are not limited to, the avenues from which players will be invited to tryouts:
-       Open Tryout Invitation
§ To be posted on website and social media outlets
§ To be mailed out in newsletter form to all league participants
-       In-Season Coaches Voting
§ Coaches to nominate players at midway and end of season for tryout invitations.
o   Nominations are for both opposing players and players on roster in 2:1 ratio.
-       Non-League Player Recruiting
§ Players from outside the league should not be ignored
§ Invitations given to all coaches, parents and administrators in pdf and printed form
§ This should help promote the league, as well.


Team Selection Process:

In an effort to stay neutral during the selection process, the following will be undertaken:

-       Tryouts should be run for each age group by obvious unbiased coaches to that gender and age group.
      (i.e. a coach that has a U14 girls team should not run the U14 girls tryout)
-       A selection subcommittee (3 coaches) will be created for each age group/gender with knowledgeable coaches of that age group/gender for the purposes of gross selection accuracy. This subcommittee should participate in the tryouts.
     (i.e. accidentally omitting a clear top end player because he/she may have had a poor tryout)
-       Tools utilized in gauging accuracy of selections:
§ In-Season voting
§ Subcommittee voting
·         In order to overturn a selection, 2 out of 3 subcommittee members must agree.