Adult League 2011-2012

FUTSALNH is offering futsal leagues for adults.  Teams must register online to play in the league.  Rosters must be completed.  

Currently, the Adult League will only have a restriction that a player is 19 years or older.  Teams will be placed in competitive divisions depending on the number of teams registered.  The goal is to place like skilled teams in the same division.

The league is 7 games plus playoffs.  Regualar season games are two 24minute halves and playoff games are one 25 minute half.   Finals are one 35 minute half.

FUTSALNH announces a new men’s futsal league!
When: Starting April 2nd, Monday evenings between 6pm and 10pm.  Teams may enter after the first week.
Where: Hudson/Litchfield Tabernacle Baptist Church, 242 Derry Road, Litchfield, NH
Cost: $600 for 8 weeks plus $15 (cash) per game for referee fees. Total cost - $705
Number of Players: Futsal is played 5v5 (including the goalie). FUTSALNH recommends rosters of 7-9 players.
Players’ names and emails must be provided by March 30th. 
If you don’t enough players to form a team or you are a single player looking for a team, then please let us know so we will put you on a "free agent" list.


Click here to register now  




Rostered players will be emailed a hyperlink for medical waivers and release forms individually once the team coach/manager completes a roster.  These MUST be completed online before players are eligible to play.  FUTSALNH does not provide medical insurance. 


FUTSALNH stresses "the beautiful game" and has a zero tolerance policy.  Team managers are responsible for ensuring that all players respect the rules, referees and spirit of the game.  Players will be immediately ejected from the league for fighting, disrespecting referees and behaving in an unsportsmanlike way.
For more information, contact Bruno Victal at bvictal@futsalnh.com