3v3 Martin Luther King Fling -
Monday January 19, ’15

In The Net Soccer, in conjunction with Brazilian Art Soccer and FutsalNH, is excited to announce a one of a kind 3v3 Futsal Martin Luther King Fling at the Derry SportsZone (7 A Street, Derry, NH 03038).

Why 3v3:

This contemporary soccer format is the “cutting edge” of developing skill and teaching young players the fundamentals of the world’s most popular sport. Many communities in the United States and abroad have embraced this small-sided style of play for recreation leagues and competitive tournaments. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) also endorses the 3 v 3. The small numbers allow for more playing time, players to have more touches on the ball and more success in attempting to dribble, pass and shoot without a large number of players restricting the time and space. The three-player teams also allow for the fundamental “triangle shape” essential to teaching young players depth and width in the game of soccer.


  • Futsal
  • 2, 12 min. halves
  • 3v3 No Goalies (Tons of Goals!)

Age Groups:

  • U8 Co-Ed
  • BU & GU10
  • BU & GU12
  • BU & GU14
  • HS JV & Varsity (B & G)
  • Adult (Women & Men & Co-Ed)


  • Min. 4
  • Max. 6


  • $150/Team or $30 “Free Agent” Individual Sign-Up
  • Includes 1st Place Awards and Referees


Unlimited “flying” subs
Kick-in’s (4 second rule)
No offsides
Defensive team has to retreat to their own half on goal kicks
No foul limit
No crease
No slide tackling
No turf shoes allowed
Bring alternate jersey
Shin guards required
Can’t score on defensive half
3 yds on free kicks

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