Winter League 2017-18 Info / Rules & FAQ's
Age Matrix
Long Island Futsal will use the United States Soccer calendar year age matrix for all events.


Birth Year

Age group for competition

Birth Year

Age group for competition


U18 1999


U12 2005


U17 2000


U11 2006


U16 2001


U10 2007


U15 2002


U9 2008


U14 2003


U8 2009


U13 2004


U7 2010


Selected Rules are shown below:
                              Kick-in Rules                                                                                                           Goal Clearance Rules
The images below are some examples of "good or OK ' futsal goalies saves - no foul should be called and a couple that are "NOT OK" per the Long Island Futsal Rules and a foul should be called.  The quick reaction kick save by a goalie can sometimes be on the borderline, and may be subject to a referee's judgement (was goalie leading with their feet, was a player near the goalie  and was there any intent to play the opponent and not the ball) , but are usually OK 
    Goalie sliding hands first to the ball - OK                                                                            Goalie preparing to make a save - OK 
 Goalie has foot out, but not near opponent - OK                                                                    Goalie making a kick - save - OK      
 Goalie _ Kick - save - OK                                                                                                    Goalie blocks shot falling down - OK
       Goalie slides feet first - NOT OK per LI Futsal rules                                          Whether a goalie or field player - NOT OK per LI Futsal rules
Watch this video and see if you can tell which goalie saves are OK and those that are NOT OK per the LI Futsal rules




Deco decided his future would be served by starting off at the local car factory.  "I stopped playing normal football.  My dad was working in a Mercedes factory at the time, so I decided at that moment to just play futsal and work. I didn’t know whether I could be a footballer and I started to do this course with Mercedes.

Many things from my way of playing came from futsal. I don’t control the ball like this [points at the instep of his right foot], I step on the ball because in futsal it’s normal. Also, you always attack and defend, there’s no time to rest. Sometimes in normal football the ball is on the other side and you rest. In futsal it’s all the time and this was good for me. You need to think and do things quickly, decide before the ball gets to you where you will pass. These are all things which help you in football, especially if you are a playmaker."




January 6, 7, 2018   – February 25, 2018 (may extend 1-2 weeks due to weather/school cancellations Long Island Championship tentatvie date: 

Suffolk County

Middle Country School District (Dawnwood, Selden Middle Schools, Newfield and Centereach HS)
Connetquot School District - Connetquot HS - Main and New Gym                                                Bohemia Middle School
All Star Arena - Coram

Our Saviour Lutheran Church - Centereach
Centereach High School
Murphy JHS, Stony Brook

Boys and Girls U8 – Adult
High School division by skill, not age
1st and 2nd divisions where applicable
Suffolk - U8-U9        $700
               U10 - 12    $775
               U13 -U19  $795
Multiple Club/Trainer Discounts: Long Island Futsal offers multiple team discounts to teams, club and/or trainers.  The discount for 2017 is $25 for one or more sister team (sister team(s) only, $25 per team for 5-10 registered, and $35 per team for 11 and more teams registered.  The teams can deduct the discount (once the club and LI Futsal have agree to the discount amount) directly from the registration fee when they apply on line, the club can pay for their teams for one check, or Long Island Futsal will reimburse the club the total rebate amount.  Long Island will not distribute rebate checks to individual teams.  To be eligible for these discounts all teams must be paid before the payment deadline of Dec. 1, 2017 and must pay with cash or by check. Additionally, communication between the club/trainer and Long Island Futsal regarding the total discount eligible, as well as the method of payment/(cash or check) must occur and be agreed upon by Long Island Futsal prior to the registration deadline.
# of Games
8 games
**Long Island Futsal is sanctioned by US Youth Futsal  and affiliated with US Soccer, and has been recognized as an organization that has demonstrated the ability to bring quality and affordable athletics (futsal) to the community for over eighteen years. 
We employ only US Soccer futsal certified referees for our games. Long Island Futsal provides 2 referees for U13 and older teams. We think it is critical that the older age groups have 2 experienced officials to call the game properly.

 2017-18 Long Island Futsal League Rules

Long Island Futsal
will use the Middle Country, and Connetqot School District. Also will use the Our Savior Lutheran Church in Centereach and Murphy JHS in Stony Brook.







We use only US Soccer futsal - certified officials to call our games, assuring the game is played the way it should be. In addition, Long Island Futsal   uses 2 experienced officials for U13 and older age groups.

Participating Teams
Long Island Futsal
Winter league is one of the largest youth futsal leagues in the United States. The 2016-17 season had over 220  teams and 2500 players.
Age Divisions/Groups
Boys & Girls U8 - HS. Long Island Futsal reserves the right to drop or combine divisions or age groups to balance the competition 

Team Registration
Registration Deadline for the 2017-18 Winter League is December 1, 2017 for all teams. Online registration only at the Long Island Futsal website

Season Play
Games begin the first Saturday and Sunday in January and season ends by the end of Febraury 2018. (barring weather postponents and re-scheduling which will require extending the season another week or two.
Teams will be scheduled to play 8 games
Must be requested prior to the registration deadline; there can be no guarantees. All conflict and requests must be entered on-line using the "comments" section of the team's detail page.  Email or telephone requests cannot be considered as only the team's detail information will be utilized by the league's scheduler when preparing the schedule.Only one whole day conflict is allowed per team.

 Please be advised that requests to play or not  to play at certain times are very difficult to meet and are the  last of the requests to  be considered - most likely these type of requests (time of day)  will not be met as our first priority is scheduling  back to back games for sister teams.

CONFLICTS NOT ENTERED HERE BEFORE THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE of Dec. 1st , WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.  Even if you had previously e-mailed us, talked with USYF staff or any other type of communication regarding a conflict or request , IT NEEDS TO BE ENTERED HERE OR IT WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.  If you have no  conflicts or coach multiple teams, put NA in the box., put N/A in the "Conflict Comments" box. Requests for schedule changes after the deadline of Dec. 1, 2017 will only be considered if there is gym space available, the opposing teams agrees and the an administrative charge of $100 is paid by the requesting team.

Rescheduled games may be on the opposite day of your regular scheduled match
i.e. if your team plays on Sundays, the rescheduled game may be on a Sat., and vice versa

Playing times cannot be guaranteed.  Generally, we try to schedule the younger teams to play earlier in the day, but often an age group will utilize all the availability in a venue so it is possible that a " younger" (U12 and younger) will play to 7 or 8 pm. The older teams (U13 and older) will occasionally play until 9 or 10 pm on a Saturday.  On Sundays, we make every effort to finish all games at 8 pm due to the next day being a school day.

Requests not to play your "sister" team are NOT able to be met in most cases. Schedules do change during the season due to school closings, team cancellations/conflicts, possible realignments.  Email notification will be sent to all coaches, but coaches and teams must still view the schedule each week prior to their match to confirm.

There is no coaching license to coach a team. Any adult who is registered with the team as a coach or manager can sit the bench.  This is a great option for teams with outdoor coaches who want to take a break, but still want their teams to have fun and play.

Coaches with multiple teams
Long Island Futsal will accommodate coaches with multiple teams by attempting to schedule them with back-to-back games at the same facility as much as possible.  We have been very successful in the past, so you are  encouraged  to split your outdoor teams into two futsal teams, and we will make every effort to schedule your games back to back, however, there may be an occasional gap (one hour) between games if there are multiple sister teams in a bracket.  If you coach more than two teams and need to be all the games, please indicate that specifically in the comments section on your team's detail page.  We will make every attempt to accomodate this request (coaching more than two teams), however, due to various factors, such as different age groups playing in different schools and gym availability, this may not always be possible.  A coach will most likely have to go from one school to another for each division. We highly recommned that you have an assistant coach (s) to help in this circumstance.

It will not be possible to schedule coaches back to back when they coach one team in a young age group (U13 and younger) and another team in an older age group (U14 and older).

League play is expected to end March 6th, but could extend longer, depending upon number of teams regsitered and venue availabitiy hours.

Competition Format & Rules
Official futsal FIFA Rules and Regulations as stated under the Laws of The Game will be enforced. Exceptions are noted below under House Rules. You may print up a copy of the Laws of the Game at the Long Island Futsal website.

Important Changes to House Rules from previous years
The official futsal pass back rule will be played at U13 - HS age groups. Once the keeper touches the ball, they can not play the ball again until it is touched by an opponent.

Team Detail (roster)
Long Island Futsal
will not be using player cards (passes) in 2017.  The Team Detail (roster) will be used to verify that players are registered.   All teams must present a Team Detail (roster) to the referee prior to each match. Only printed hard copies of the roster are permitted - no phone or other images from devices. To be eligible to play, each player must be registered  on the team detail (waiver signed and paid) report. 
Game Balls
The home team is responsible for providing the game ball. 
Size ball used by each age group
Under U12 - size 3 or a Select "Jinga Jr"
U13 and older – size 4 or a Select "Jinga"

To order balls e-mail  Include team name, gender and age, number of balls needed and size ball and contact info of the person ordering. Balls are $30 each.

Do not bring outdoor balls into the facilities. They are not allowed for warm-up. Only futsal balls are allowed. Home team is responsible for providing a game quality ball. Only registered players are allowed to use the gym - other individuals cannot practice or play in the gymnasium - this includes the half-time break period
The wearing of shin pads will be mandatory for all players. The shin guards must fully cover the bone area.       Indoor, flat soled soccer shoes or futsal shoes with micro studs may be worn (all shoes must be non-marking). The referee of the match will assess player's equipment for safety and may not allow a player to participate if they feel the equipment (or lack therof) is a safety risk to the player or other participants.  The referee or coach can contact a league official at match time if there are any questions.  Please check with the league regarding using turf shoes as they may not be suitable for use on a gym floor -  see list below of shoes that are not allowed
  • Adidas Mundial Team TF cleats - due to for marking up the gym floor and the potential for player ankle and knee injuries

Time Outs / Home Team Colors
Due to tight scheduling, there are NO time outs except for referee-called stoppages (the clock continues to run).  If there is a stoppage due to an extended injury or other circumstance (facility problem) the game may be cancelled and would be re-scheduled.
Home team is to wear white or lighter colors. If Home team complies and there is a conflict, the visiting team must change jerseys. If home team does not wear light/white and there is a conflict, home team must change jerseys. Visiting teams centers off first.

Forfeited Games
If a team fails to show for a scheduled match, the referee shall allow a 5 minute grace period. After the 5 minutes, if the team has not yet arrived or does not have enough players to field a team (3), the game will be forfeited. The game will be tallied as a 3 to 0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 3 to 0 win for their opponent.

If the referee terminates a match for reasons other than an act of God or field conditions, the Long Island Futsal Competition Committee will decide the result of the match after hearing the official reason from the referee, and both coaches.

Forfeited games are recorded as a 3 - 0 loss.

Protests - There are no protests.  The League decisions are final
Long Island Futsal Point System and Tiebreakers
The determination within the group standings is as follows:  
3 points for a win
1 point for a tie
0 points for a loss
Forfeited games are recorded as a 3 - 0 loss

Tie Breaker Rules                                                                                                                                       
1. Total Points (3 for a win, 1 for a tie)
2. Head to Head (not used if more than two teams are tied)
3. Most games Won
4. Goal Differential (7 goal differential will be counted per game).
5. Fewest goals against

Participation awards for all players in the U7-U9 age groups (there are no 1st and 2nd place awards)
Awards given for 1st place in the U10 - U 12 age groups 

Awards given for 1st place winners of divisions for the U13 and older age groups

(Starting in seasonal year 2015/2016  participation medals for all players in the U8/U9 age groups -
1st place awards for divsion U10-U19 division winners. 
Ejections - Red Cards
If a player is ejected from a match, the referee will the report of the incident to the US Soccer/Futsal Referee Assignor, who will notfiy the Long Island Futsal League's administrator.

The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the player shall not be permitted to play in the immediate next match of play.  If the player is rostered on two teams and has a scheduled match on the same day after the red card, the player is ineligible to play in that game.
If the player who received the red card, does not have another match that day, then the player must sit out the next immediate scheduled match. The League, in consultation with the Head Referee, will then decide if the player or coach will sit out an additional game (s) the following week   The player or coach receiving the red card must sit out a minimum of one game.  Effective 2016, Coach red cards will result in a loss of one point in their team's standings.

The maximum penalty, after review by the Long Island Futsal Competition Committee, may result in the individual players or teams’ expulsion from the competition.

If a player is ejected from a match the referee will  document red card on the back of the score sheet and present it to the Head Referee who will inform the Long Island Futsal League administrator.  The league will inform and confirm with the coach prior to the next match of the team of any red cards assessed and penalty.

Coach Ejections
If a coach is ejected from any match, a referee’s report of the incident shall be turned over to the Long Island Futsal League administrator by the referee.  Effective 2015/16: A coach red card will result in the deduction of one point from the team's standings. 

The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the coach shall not be permitted to coach,  remain on the player’s bench or in the gymnasium in the immediate next match.

The maximum penalty, after review by the Long Island Futsal Competition Committee, may result in the individual coach or team’s expulsion from the League.
Games Cancelled by opponents
If an opponent cancels a game or does not show for the game, the other team may use the game time with approval from Long Island Futsal. There are no refunds for games cancelled by opponents. If a team must cancel, call Long Island Futsal as soon as possible so we can notify the referees and give the other team a chance to plan accordingly. Cancelling a game not only short-changes your team, but your scheduled opponent. Games cancelled by teams will not be rescheduled until the $100 reschedule fee has been received.  A Gym must be available for any rescheduled game to be considered.

At time of registration, each team can enter their scheduling request into the  registration system before the registration deadline. If manager does not enter conflicts, no reschedules will be made unless a $100 rescheduling fee is received by Long Island Futsal. The reschedules are contingent upon gym and the opponent availability.  If a team cancels after the registration deadline, and the game cannot be rescheduled, the match will be recorded as forfeit in the favor of the opponent.  
We only can reschedule games if the facilities have available times to reschedule them.  

Games cancelled by Facilities / Long Island Futsal
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel games at any time for any reason such as bad weather or facility problems. Long Island Futsal  plays games in all weather and only cancels games if the facility cancels.  Cancellations are very rare events, so teams should plan on playing.  If there are games cancelled, reschedules are not guaranteed and refunds for cancelled games will not be provided.  
While we will try to reschedule those games, we cannot guarantee that those games can be rescheduled.  We only can reschedule games if the facilities have available times to reschedule them.  If we reschedule games due to above, you will not be asked ahead of the rescheduling process if you are available for the make up game.  Your team will be given a makeup game time and if you cannot make that, we will not reschedule.

If you have an interest in joining the Long Island Futsal referee pool, please email us at To be eligible for consideration, you must be licensed with US Soccer as an outdoor referee.

Additional Questions
If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the Long Island Futsal, please feel free to contact us at

House Rules to the Laws of the Game

1. Goalkeeper can not throw the ball over mid-field
2. No scoring from kick-offs.
3. Goalkeeper can not drop kick or punt the ball.
4. No switching of benches between halves
5.  Game length is two 25 minute halves

(goalies can slide "hands first" in attempt to make a save - cannot lead with their feet extended; some goalies slide on their knees, especially in the younger age groups, and this may be allowed by the referee as long as there is no attempt to injure an opponent)
7. NO Handchecking
8. NO elbow shielding


Coaches should have a team medical kit with ice with them for all games.

  • No coffee or drinks in the gym - referees are instructed to stop the game (without adding time) if spectators bring in drinks
  • Players cannot switch rosters at game time or game will be forfeited
  • The Home Team will change their jersey in the event both teams have similar colors
  • Players can be added to the roster, up until the fifth game of the season - all paperwork and player registration must be completed and Long Island Futsal receives prior notification. Consideration will be given to adding players after the fifth game for extenuating circumstances - requires prior approval by Long Island Futsal
  • Each team must have an adult supervisor to clear the hallways at the beginning and at half time of each game
  •   Players/Sister Teams/Double Rostering - effective for 2014 seasonal year
    1) A sister team is created from an outdoor team that split into two or more futsal teams. If you have a sister team in the league, you may borrow any amount of players from the sister team. 
    2) Players may be double - rostered on non-sister teams with knowledge and permission from both coaches.
  • Winning coach must review for correctness, and initial the score sheet after each game
  • Teams must have 3 players to start the game: referee can wait up to 5 minutes (maximum) from the scheduled start time before a forfeit is called
  • Eyeglasses, including safety glasses, are NOT allowed - if necessary, a player may wear Sport goggles, which are fastened by a strap around the player’s head


(Goalies can slide "hands first" in attempt to make a save - cannot lead with their feet extended; some goalies slide on their knees, especially in the younger age groups, and this may be allowed by the referee as long as there is no attempt to injure an opponent)

Check the web -site first in the event of questionable weather.