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Program Of The Month-Futsal NH

Youth Futsal Monthly

Edition 7 November, 2015

By John Haasis, YFM staff writer

Under the leadership of Tom Bellen, President of Futsal NH.  Futsal NH was created about 5 years ago to serve as a training tool for soccer players.  Futsal has been a core component of training.  Futsal NH is truly a developmental program that teaches actual futsal...not soccer with a futsal ball.  They ensure they teach the kids how certain skills and tactics translate to outdoor soccer. 

Tom teamed up with Bruno Victal 3 or 4 years ago as he grew up play futsal in Brazil and is one of the best trainers in New England.  He has brought knowledge and passion to Futsal NH which has benefited all of their players.  In addition, Max Latona helps to spread the word of futsal and is an important educator of the game for those that are not familiar with it.   

Tom Bellen and Bruno Victal serve as the directors of coaching of Futsal NH.  Both were part of the first ever National Level 3 Coaching course and both are on the US National Futsal Team coaching staff and National and Regional ID staff and bring a wealth of knowledge to Futsal NH.   Nick Green and Max Latona have also taken the National Level 3 course.  In addition, Futsal NH have several other trainers including Dave Saxe who are avid futsal lovers and attend Futsal NH's regular coaching education sessions.  Going forward all of Futsal NH trainers will attend the Regional and National coaching courses.

Futsal NH has seen growth from 50 teams (2011/12) to nearly 200 teams today.  

FNH Club – Futsal NH Elite players form teams to train together and compete in local, regional, and national tournaments.  Over the last 3 years Futsal NH has had 7 Regional Champions, 8 Runner-ups, and 11 semi-finalists.  In addition, they had 1 team crowned as National Champions, 2 teams crowned Runner-ups, and 2 Semi-finalists.  In addition, FNH Club program have several players identified at the Regional Futsal ID camps and has had 4 players selected on the US Youth Team and 2 alternates.

Futsal NH has an Academy Program.  For the newer Futsal player who wants to improve their skills to get to the next level.   Futsal NH also has a Junior Academy Program - for their younger players 6-9 years old.  They provide fundamental skills and understanding of the game so they have a foundation to grow upon.   Futsal NH Academy has grown to over 250 players.

Futsal NH also has Summer Futsal Camps.  They offer many summer camps over the course of the summer including some overnight camps.  Tom said "It is a nice balance of fun and training".

For more information on Futsal NH visit their website.

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