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Program Of The Month (April 2016) East Michigan Futsal

Youth Futsal Monthly

Edition 12 April 1, 2016

By John Haasis, YFM Editor

East Michigan Futsal has been a U.S. Youth Futsal sectioned league since 2008. 

It all began in 2008 when I came up with the idea for a league".  Said Robert Smith, League Owner / President. "I did not have any formal Futsal experience….Just pickup games when I lived in Portugal Village in Toronto in the 90’s".  Robert added "When I heard about the benefits for players from Ronaldinho interviews, I bought in that it was something that I wanted my kids to try.  Ever since the first outing with my daughter and son’s teams, I was sold on Futsal".  

East Michigan Futsal has seen some very nice growth over the years.  During their 2008/2009 Winter Season, they started with 16 teams over the span of two sessions.  Today they have grown to over 300 teams, over the 3 Winter Sessions.

East Michigan Futsal Winter Sessions are as follows:

  • Winter Session I: First Saturday in November until the second Sunday in January
  • Winter Session II: Begins the first Saturday in January and ends the last Sunday in February.
  • Winter Session III: Begins the second Saturday in February, and goes until the second Sunday in April.

Additionally East Michigan Futsal have two Men's Futsal Tournaments.  1st Tournament is in the Summer and the 2nd Tournament is in the Fall.   

Thanks to the growth and size of the league, East Michigan Futsal utilizes 5 facilities in the Detroit area..

Under the name Michigan Futsal Factory, East Michigan Futsal has an excellent Academy and Futsal Training Program led by Drew Ducker. Drew is a U.S. Men's National Futsal team player.  Additionally there is another national team pool player on staff by the name of Daniel Mattos.  There are 4 other coaches on staff who have Futsal coaching certificates.  They have training sessions weekly for all players and the academy teams.
Michigan Futsal Factory Teams also compete in the Great Lakes Regional Championships in Akron, Ohio.

Where Does Robert See Futsal Heading?
"I see Futsal becoming the premier training tool for players in North America". said Robert.  "Currently it has scratched the surface in terms of its potential here.  It will slowly work its way to real prominence as a competitive activity in its own right, as a training tool, and as a spectator sport".  Robert added "Many of my players and parents admit to enjoying playing and watching Futsal more than soccer, due to the fast action, player creativity, and high scoring games".

Why U.S. Youth Futsal?
Robert said "U.S. Youth Futsal has been key to the success of East Michigan Futsal.  To have the guidance of experienced league owners, a national brand, in addition to insurance, an online registration system, and certified referees, has really allowed him to separate his league from the competition".  Robert continued "Being the only sanctioned winter competition option in the area has been a selling point".

For more information on East Michigan Futsal.  Visit there website




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