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 For 2011 Champions Cup complete results

Highlights Of Super F Champions Cup                                                                                                                             

Video to the left is the new 2011 Super F Champions Cup Highlights. Teams accross the country participated in this exciting tournament.

Featured in this video are:

  • Boys from U9-High 
  • School and Girls U10-High School
  • 16 Divisions
  • 2 Groups.  Premier Group and Super Group.
  • Moves, Saves and Golazos.
 2011 Super F Champions Cup Winners                                                                                                                          


For 2011 Champions Cup complete results


Division Group Champion Finalist
Boys U9 Premier Spirit Cleveland Super F 9s
Boys U10 Premier Cleveland Super F 10s MACSA GUERREROS
Boys U12 Super Cleveland Super F 12s DCFA Inter
Boys U13 Premier WI Futsal Academy DCFA Botafogo
Boys U14 Premier FC Black Knights U13 KCWJRS Italy
Boys U15 Premier Team Elite Kaw Valley Force Jambars Red
Boys U16 Super DCFA Sao Paulo BV Boca Jrs. White
Boys High School Black   U16 KCWJRS-USA Central Falls Warriors
Girls U10 Premier Lou Fusz Goal-den BVSC Cosmos White
Girls U11 Super SASC Pink Panthers LFSC Shooting Stars
Girls U12 Super Cleveland Super F 12G DCFA Santos
Girls U13 Premier SASC Pink Panthers BVSC STARS Fiorentina 97/98
Girls U14 Premier T-Mobile KC Select Rage
Girls High School Red   BVSC STARS United 95/96 Duke KC Outlaws
Girls High School Black   Explosion FC Total Prodigy
Girls HS Super BVSC STARS Villareal 93/94 White JB Re-United


  US Mens National FutsalTeam Head Coach Conducted Clinic                                                                                         

Keith Tozer Hosted Futsal Clinic

Keith Tozer, Head Coach of the US Mens National Futsal Team  conducted a futsal training clinic as part of the largest youth National Futsal tournament in the country.  The tournament was hosted by Super F League and helded in Overland Park, KS.  The clinic  kicked off the Super F League Champions Cup – National Futsal Tournament, February 19 and 20.  Teams from across the country  attended as they vie for US National Futsal titles from U8 - Adult, boys and girls.

The clinic focused on offensive and defensive tactics, training techniques, restart plays and much more..  The U16 Sporting KC Juniors demonstrated, under the guidance of Coach Tozer.

  Super F Champions Cup Announcement
 Training Ground-Focus On Futsal

Great Video.  This is some great stuff... Focus on Futsal... Ahead on Futsal Euro 2010...  An in depth guide.

  Brazilian Soccer Stars On Futsal

From Brazilian football stars Michel Bastos, Robinho and Jádson explain how playing the game as youngsters helped their careers thrive.   Link To Article and Video



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