2015 U.S. Youth Futsal Nationals
February 13-16, 2015
New Century Fieldhouse
New Century, KS 

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Teams that qualify through our 8 Regionals will have first preference over teams that choose not to participate in the U.S. Youth Futsal Regionals.  It is strongly recommended that in order to assure your place in the Nationals, you qualify through the Regionals.  For Regional Championships

 2015 U.S. Youth Futsal Nationals.

The Largest National Youth Futsal Tournament

Affiliated with U.S. Soccer.

New Century Fieldhouse

Diagram of the New Century Fieldhouse in New Century, KS

U.S. Youth Futsal Nationals-Futsal Courts Provided By

2014 US Youth Futsal National-Court Prevoided By

In 2013, U.S. Youth Futsal Nationals Had 124 Teams.
The Largest National Youth Futsal Tournament Affiliated With U.S. Soccer




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