In essence futsal is a 5v5 small sided soccer game played on a hard court with a deadened ball.  It is a fast game that rewards fast foot work and quick decision making.  There are many more touches per time played in futsal than there is in about any form of outdoor or indoor turf game that you will find out there.  It is soccer compressed in a small space and played at hyperspeed.  There is lots of scoring, lots of ball touches, and the game is fast paced...what is there not to like about it if you are a kid.  Futsal is the game that many of the best soccer players hailing from South America, Spain, and Portugal started with as youngsters and is often credited by them as helping to develope their incredible footskills.

 If you are still not sure if futsal is right for your team this winter give me a call and we can arrange a scrimmage so you can try it out.  

Wes Hunt

League Director


Age Group Chart by Birth Year

Birth Year Table

Age Group Birth Year
U10 2007
U12 2005
U14 2003
U16 2001
U19 1998




Schedule 2016-17 Season

   First Weekend Games are Scheduled 


League Details


SVF Winter Season 2016-17
Dates December 4, 2016 to March 5, 2017.  Games to be played Saturday after 3, and Sundays after noon.
Boys and Girls U8 - U18 evan age Divisons.  
League Fees/Team
Register before October 11 $475, $500 after. 
Additional $25 off for Sister/brother teams from the same club.
Referee fees paid at the beginning of each game:
U10-U13 (one referee)  $9.00/game/team
U14 and up  (two referees)  $18/game/team
Number of Games
10 Games (two 24 min. halves/game)
Registration Deadline November 15, 2016
There is an additional $9.50 player registration fee paid directly to USYF by each players parents when thier child is rostered by the coach.  
Futsal In the Book "The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle

"The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle examines how high talent is developed and taught to youth.  He examines several different endevours one of them being futsal.  This is an excerpt from his book:  http://www.futsalonline.com/coyleinterview052010.html



Why Futsal and Futsal Basics


USMNT Video on Futsal

US soccer is getting on board with the Futsal.  Very talented players and great footwork.  Watch this video!