Why Play Futsal

Futsal is a 5v5 sided indoor soccer game played on a basketball sized court.  There are four field players and a goalie.  It is the game that some of the worlds best South American and Spanish soccer players credit to the development of their amazing ball skills.   Because of the small sided teams and the low bounce ball there are many more quality touches than in regular outdoor soccer or even indoor turf soccer.  The small size of the court makes kick and run impossible.  When the ball is recived a player must quickly make a decision to pass or beat the defender in front of him.  Because of the speed and multiple touches on the ball most kids love playing the game.   If as a coach, or as a parent, you are interested in soccer skill developement during the off season then futsal is the game you should have your kids playing.  My personel experience is that minute for minute futsal developes soccer footskills better than any other form of training that my players have recieved.  To learn more about the game go to the about the game section of our national website or call me.   I am always happy to talk about the game or our league. 


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