Details of our league are below along with some videos explaining a little bit about the game and how it is played.  In essence futsal is a 5v5 small sided soccer game played on a hard court with a deadened ball.  It is a fast game that rewards fast foot work and quick decision making.  There are many more touches per time played in futsal than there is in about any form of outdoor or indoor turf game that you will find out there.  It is soccer compressed in a small space and played at hyperspeed.  The game moves fast, there is lots of scoring, and you get the touch the ball a lot...what is there not to like about it if you are a kid.  This is the game that many of the best soccer players hailing from South America started with as youngsters and is often credited by them as helping to develope their incredible footskills.

 If you are still not sure if futsal is right for your team this winter give me a call and we can arrange a scrimmage so you can try it out.  

Wes Hunt

League Director


66 Teams for the 2015-16 Season


We thank everyone, parents, coaches, and referees for helping to make another futsal season happen.   Link to the schedule is here:





U8 Little Futsalers Program

Kids who like soccer usually love Futsal.  However, the futsal court is still too big for the little ones.  
Therefore, we designed the U8 Little Futsalers Program. This program is designed to help young kids to gain soccer/futsal foot skills while having fun thus falling in love with both soccer and futsal.  The first part of thier session will be skill games.  Age appropiate games involving a ball at thier feet.  Each kid will get at least a thousend touhes during this part of the session but they will not know that.  For them it is just one fun game after another.  The second half of the hour will be 3v3 scrimmage with pug goals.  Players will be assigned a coach.  Coaches are trained by me.  Their will be no more than 6 kids on a team.  T-shirt is included in the cost.  

Cost:        $75/player plus $9.50 USYF registration fee.
Time:        Fridays 5-6PM
Location:  Liberty Arena Futsal Courts 
Start Time: December 4
Number of Sessions: 10 with a break at Christmas.  

For more information call Wes Hunt at 971-6617.

To register follow this Link

Futsal In the Book "The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle

"The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle examines how high talent is developed and taught to youth.  He examines several different endevours one of them being futsal.  This is an excerpt from his book:  http://www.futsalonline.com/coyleinterview052010.html



Why Futsal and Futsal Basics


USMNT Video on Futsal

US soccer is getting on board with the Futsal.  Very talented players and great footwork.  Watch this video!