Winter 2012 Info/Rules
WSU Heskett Center
1845 Fairmount
Boys and Girls U9 – U18
High School division by skill not age
# of Games
6 games
 2012 Wichita Futsal League Rules


Wichita Futsal will use the 2nd floor courts at the Hesket Center at Wichita State University.
To keep the playing surfaces clean and dry, please instruct your players not to wear dirty or wet game shoes into the facilities.

US Soccer futsal - certified officials.
Age Divisions/Groups
Boys & Girls U9 - U18.  Wichita Futsal reserves the right to drop or combine divisions or age groups.

Team Registration
Registration Deadline for the 2012 Winter League is December 18th for all teams.

Season Play
Games begin January 8, 2012 and season ends by March 4th, 2012.  Wichita Futsal plays its games on Sunday afternoons starting at 11am.

Teams will be scheduled to play 6 games

There is no coaching license to coach a team. Any adult who is registered with the team as a coach or manager can sit the bench.  This is a great option for teams with outdoor coaches who want to take a break, but still want their teams to have fun and play.

Game Scorecards
Before each game, a pre-printed game card will be available from the referees. The cards will be populated with player names and numbers. Please check the cards for accuracy and then hand them back to the referees before the game begins. At the end of each game, the referee will hand the bench coaches the completed game cards. The coaches are to sign the cards and in doing so, verify the score. The scores on the signed cards are official and will be entered into the standings.

Competition Format & Rules
Official futsal FIFA Rules and Regulations as stated under the Laws of The Game will be enforced. Exceptions are noted below under House Rules.

House Rules to the Laws of the Game

1. Goalkeeper can not throw the ball into the opponent’s penalty arc
2. No scoring from kick-offs.
3. No switching of benches between halves
4. Game length is (two) 24 minute halves

Important Changes to House Rules from previo
The pass back rule will be played at all age groups. Once the keeper touches the ball, they cannot play the ball again until ball is touched by an opponent or the GK is playing on the offensive side of their court, GK has 4 seconds to move the ball over the half way line.
See Below for additional Futsal Rules

Player Cards
To be eligible to play, each player must have a card. Player cards are issued only after full payment of fees, signed Medical / Media Release forms have been received online.
Each youth player must be registered with US Youth Futsal. Each team that signs up for Wichita Futsal will receive up to 18 player cards. The player passes will be checked prior to each game.

If you do not have your player cards prior to the match, then you will have to have them at halftime. If you do not have your player cards by halftime, than the game will be forfeited.

Players/Sister Teams/Double Rostering
1) A sister team is created from an outdoor team that split into two or more futsal teams. If you have a sister team in the league, you may borrow any amount of players from the sister team. 

A "Sister Team" is an outdoor team that is split into 2 futsal teams.

  1.  Goalkeepers are allowed to be double rostered on their sister team.

  2.  Sister teams may borrow up to 4 players each game.

  3.  You must have at least 5 players to start a game.

  4. Players may be double rostered on teams that are in different AGE divisions only.

Players may be double - rostered on teams that are in different age divisions, but can not play down an age group.

Game Balls
Do not bring outdoor balls into the facilities. They are not allowed for warm-up. Only futsal balls are allowed.

The wearing of shin pads will be mandatory for all players. Indoor, flat soled soccer shoes also must be worn.
Time Outs / Home Team Colors
Home team is to wear white or lighter colors. If Home team complies and there is a conflict, the visiting team must change jerseys. If home team does not wear light/white and there is a conflict, home team must change jerseys. Each coach may call (1) one-minute time out per half (use or lose) when in possession of the ball.  Time out requests are made to the referee.

Forfeited Games
If a team fails to show for a scheduled match, the referee shall allow a 5 minute grace period. After the 5 minutes, if the team has not yet arrived or does not have enough players to field a team (4), the game will be forfeited. The game will be tallied as a 3 to 0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 3 to 0 win for their opponent.

Teams forfeiting a match will not receive a refund on their registration fee.
Forfeited games are recorded as a 3 - 0 loss.

Point System and Tiebreakers
The determination within the group standings is as follows:  
3 points for a win
1 point for a tie
0 points for a loss
Forfeited games are recorded as a 3 - 0 loss

1.  Total Points
2. Goal Difference
3. Goals For
4. Head-To-Head

There are no awards given for winners of divisions

Ejections - Red Cards
If a player is ejected from a match, the player’s pass together with a referee’s report of the incident shall be turned over to the administrator by the referee.

The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the player shall not be permitted to play in the immediate next match.

The maximum penalty, after review by the administrator, may result in the individual players or teams’ expulsion from the competition.

If a player is ejected from a match the referee will hold onto the player pass, document red card on the back of the score sheet and present it to the League administrator. The player will have his/her pass returned after a one game suspension.

Coach Ejections
If a coach is ejected from any match, a referee’s report of the incident shall be turned over to the administrator by the referee.

The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the coach shall not be permitted to coach or remain on the player’s bench in the immediate next match.

The maximum penalty, after review, may result in the individual coach or team’s expulsion from the League.
Games Cancelled by opponents
If an opponent cancels a game or does not show for the game, the other team may use the game time. There are no refunds for games cancelled by opponents. If a team must cancel, call Wichita Futsal as soon as possible so we can notify the referees and give the other team a chance to plan accordingly. Cancelling a game not only short-changes your team, but your scheduled opponent. Games cancelled by teams will not be rescheduled.

At time of registration, each team is allowed 2 conflicts if entered into registration system before registration deadline.

Games cancelled by Wichita Futsal
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel games at any time for any reason such as bad weather or facility problems. If we do decide to cancel games, refunds will not be provided.

General Rules

There are 4 field players and a Goal Keeper (GK).

  • No offside.
  • GK can only play the ball (by feet or hands) for 4 seconds in their own half. If they are in opponents half, they have no playing restrictions. Once the GK plays the ball, they cannot touch the ball a second time in their own half unless it has been touched by an opponent.
  • 24 minute halves for tournament and for league play. 3 minutes for half time and each coach may call (1) one-minute time out per half (use or lose) when in possession of the ball. There are no time outs in overtime/extra periods. Time out requests are made to the referee.

Free substitutions are made "on the fly".  Player can only enter or leave the game in the substitution areas marked by their respective benches, and a player may only enter a game after the player they are replacing has left the field.  Failure to do so results in a caution and an indirect free kick is taken from where the ball was situated when the game was stopped to caution the player.

Kick off
Opposing players must give 5 meters (16 feet) until ball is in play.


Ball Out of Play

Kick in

A ball kicked out over the touch line (side line) by one team becomes the other teams ball. The team kicking in has 4 seconds to get the ball back in play or it becomes opponent’s kick in.  Defense must give 5 yards distance. The referee will give a visual count with his hand.  Players taking kick in cannot step into the field while kicking ball back into play. Goals cannot be scored from kick-ins.

If the ball hits the ceiling, a kick in is taken at the closest point on the nearest touchline, running parallel to the goal line.

Goal Clearance
Futsal for goal kick.  When the offensive team puts the ball over the goal line, the other team gets the ball.  The goalie must throw the ball within 4 seconds of retrieving it and put it back into play by throwing it.  The throw must leave the penalty area. Opposing team must stay out of penalty area during a goal clearance.   If a player touches ball before it leaves penalty area, GK retakes the throw.  The GK cannot touch ball again until an opponent touches it.

Corner Kick
To be taken inside the corner arc, If there is no arc, kick is taken at the point where goal line and touch line meet (at corner).

Fouls and Misconduct


Futsal is a minimum contact sport. However, some contact may occur, as long as it is done in a legal manner. It cannot be done by play that is careless, reckless, or with excessive force.

Sliding is allowed in futsal under certain conditions, if in the opinion of the referee:

1) No opponents are nearby, a player may slide to intercept or direct the ball. No foul results.

2) The slide is dangerous to an opponent, but no contact is made. Dangerous play foul results in an IFK.

3) Contact is made with an opponent in a careless, reckless or excessive force manner (or if referees believe that such contact could have resulted). An accumulated foul results in a DFK.


The GK is allowed to slide in an attempt to clear the ball, if in referees’ judgment; the slide is an attempt only to make contact with the ball, not the opponent. If GK slide is at least careless (a foot in air, a hook, rolling tackle) it is a foul and possibly a card-able offense. A field player may slide in instances where there is not an opponent close by and no injury is likely to occur. This would most likely happen when a player is attempting to stop the ball from going out of bound or an offensive player sliding to knock the ball into the goal where the is not other defensive player close to the play. Players and coaches should use this general rule, if you slide tackle near a player, assume a foul may be called.

6th Accumulated Foul

Upon a team’s 6th accumulated foul in each half and all other accumulated fouls within the half, the other team is awarded a free kick taken from the 10 meter penalty mark or where the infraction occurred it is in a more favorable spot.  The defending team cannot build a wall to block the kick. The player taking the kick must be clearly identified and the player taking the kick must make an attempt at the goal.

Accumulated Fouls resulting in Direct Kick

- Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent
- Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent
- Jumping at an opponent
- Charges an opponent
- Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
- Pushes an opponent
- Tackling

- Holding an opponent
- Spits at an opponent
- Handling the ball (except the GK in their own Penalty area)

 Sending Off Fouls (includes but not limited to)
Handling the ball deliberately, except for GK in their area. 

Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity by handling the ball (except the GK in their own penalty area).
Denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by fouling an opponent moving toward the goal. Player sent off cannot re-enter the game.  Substitution is allowed after 2 minutes.

 Indirect Free Kick
5 yards of distance from kicker to set up wall and ball is in play after it has been touched.  If the kicking team takes more time than 4 seconds to take the kick, it becomes the opposition’s indirect kick.