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About the USYF Academy


USYF Academy program finalized its first year at the 2019 National Showcase in June; the first year delivered great results to all registrants. The first year included these milestones and more:

  • Hosting National Academy showcase
  • Coaches symposium with a World Champion Coach 
  • Multiple academies receiving academy benefits


Benefits to players are immediate and impactful. Education is a continuous process and requires consistency. An Academy environment provides repetition and formal evaluation to effectively help evolve youth players.

 An Academy environment challenges players to perform, yet provides real-time opportunities to learn from mistakes, which is a natural and necessary part of development. Players are afforded the unique opportunity of training and competing with similarly-skilled players from other soccer clubs. The Academy focuses on year-round development, cutting-edge training curriculums, and provides players multiple opportunities for exposure on a regional, national and even international level.


The Academy is a flagship program for USYF and the goals in the next 3 years are:

  • To make the program the real pinnacle of the USYF system
  • To ensure high level competition in every region by growing all regions
  • To support the Academies’ development on all fronts
  • To attain a sustainable model for all Academies, existing and new

How do we achieve these goals?

  • A planned Regional and National schedule:
  • Season calendar released by August 1 every season
  • Schedule will adapt to reality of each region
  • Allow for voluntary cross-regional competition
  • Communication
  • NEW website – launched August 2019
  • A sustainable model:
    • Involve Academies in the decision-making process
    • Reasonable travel & competition expenses
    • A two-way growth plan per region – requirements and commitments
    • Share resources
    • Consulting
    • Business templates
    • Shared curriculums

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