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Coach Education

USYF Coaching Education Program

United States Youth Futsal (USYF) is excited to announce the release of our new USYF Futsal Coaching Education modules.  Designed by former United States Men’s National Futsal Team Head Coach and USYF Technical Director Keith Tozer, and with the input of many of our National Coaching Staff members, these comprehensive courses were created to help coaches around the world learn more about the game of futsal as well as share best practices for applying the knowledge in training environments and matches.   Jon Parry, USYF President said, “USYF first provided coaching education opportunities in 2013 and we believe our newest modules represent the most comprehensive futsal education platform in the United States”.   

US Youth Futsal Coaching Education Courses are open to everyone around the world who inspires to learn more about the game of Futsal. We have designed 5 unique courses that help coaches from any background understand the intricacies of the game while providing a clear pathway for continuing education.  Level 1 and Level 2 Courses are online modules that provide a basic introduction to futsal while sharing key resources to help coaches build a foundational knowledge of the game.  Our Level 3 State Course brings the knowledge gained from the online environment to the actual courts.  Participants will engage in both a classroom and an on-court experience to share technical and tactical principles and encourage demonstration of coaching competency.   The Level 4 National Course will take a deeper dive into advanced futsal concepts and ask each coach to demonstrate a more comprehensive understanding of session planning, coaching methodology, and execution of game tactics.  The Level 5 International Course represents our most advanced course.  This week-long education model will include co-facilitation with some of the top international futsal instructors in the world.

USYF Executive Director Brian Catrine stated, “USYF is committed to providing innovative coaching education programs and we are extremely excited to release the Level 1 Course today to the futsal community.  Our partners at CD2Learning and KwikTactix did an exceptional job of capturing Coach Tozer’s futsal knowledge and creating a training environment that openly shares best-practices from one of the top futsal minds in our country”.  The USYF Level 1 Course is designed to guide the participant through the FIFA laws of the game, provide futsal specific offensive and defensive terminology and concepts, and share best practice coaching methodologies that they can use to develop their youth players.  Coach Keith Tozer said, “This training is geared to provide the grassroots coach with enough information to effectively create a session plan, run a dynamic training session, and understand basic game tactics with futsal specific terminology”.  Upon completion of the online course, each participant will receive one year of access to all of Coach Tozer’s training videos and session plans used in the Level 1 module.  


The United States Youth Futsal Level 2 Course builds off the foundation presented in our Level 1 module.  In this course, we take a deeper dive into the Offensive and Defensive systems, principles, and phases of play.  Coach Keith Tozer is back and guides the experience sharing specific futsal methodologies that he used with his US Futsal Men’s National Team while winning 2 CONCACAF Championships.  The Level 2 Course also features Coach Otto Orf, current US Futsal Men’s National Team Assistant and Goalkeeper coach.  Coach Orf presents several best-practices and training activities for developing youth futsal goalkeepers.  This course also includes several animated Kwiktactix templates and videos demonstrating the key concepts.  

Once coaches have successfully completed the Level 2 course, the next phase under USYF Coaching Education will be to attend a Level 3 State course where they will receive their USYF State License.  This course includes several hours of classroom and on-court experience where the coach will need to demonstrate proficiency in his/her coaching ability and futsal knowledge.

Coaching Modules


US Youth Futsal Coaching Education Courses are open to everyone around the world who inspires to learn more about the game of Futsal.

USYF provides youth futsal coaches with the most current, useful coaching curriculum including courses of varying levels that are held throughout the country.

LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 ONLINE COURSES:  Online modules providing a basic introduction to futsal and sharing key resources to effectively coach the game.

LEVEL 3 STATE COURSE:  Classroom and on-court sessions detailing technical and tactical concepts and activities. Portions of this education module will include coaches participation on the court. All participants should be medically cleared for physical activity, or notification of any restrictions should be communicated during registration. 

LEVEL 4 NATIONAL COURSE:  Advanced futsal concepts and coaching methodologies.

LEVEL 5 INTERNATIONAL COURSE:  Most advanced futsal course.  Includes instructors from some of the top International programs from around in the world.  

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USYF Technical Director Keith Tozer

USYF Technical Director