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Futsal Westchester

Club Philosophy

A player-centered approach built on 3 core values in training
- Skills (technique + decision making),
- Smart (reading the game),
- Speed (quickness + speed of thought).

Our training is constraint-based in a game-like environment. We create challenges using games and activities so players can take ownership, make mistakes, reflect, and grow.

1. Own the ball (Improve dribbling, carrying & possessing the ball)

2. Control the Game (Improve finding space - scanning, breaking lines)

3. Out-Play Opponents (Improve finishing the attack - create & score goals)

PLAYER CENTERED (The game within the child)

  • Ownership 
  • Safety (mistakes are a part of the process) 
  • Belonging (every child is unique)
  • Freedom 
  • Decision-making (every player has ideas)



To provide an environment for players of all levels and ages, to play and learn the game of futsal through guidance, support, and positive coaching. 

Futsal Westchester will do this by:

  • Creating a new culture of player development demanding quick touches, quick thinking, and quick movement (PLAYER CENTERED)
  • Focusing on developing technical skills and game intelligence while having fun (PLAYER DEVELOPMENT OVER WINNING)
  • Allow players to take ownership.


Futsal Westchester was sanctioned by U.S. Youth Futsal (USYF) in April 2015 and is an affiliate of US Soccer. USYF now has 75 leagues in 31 states.

Since 1/1/15, US Youth Futsal has added 13 new leagues and is the largest and fastest-growing Futsal organization in the US. The decision to launch a futsal league in Westchester was driven by the desire to embrace a new culture of player development proven to improve skills and independent decision-making while creating safety.  

Malcolm Brown

Malcolm Brown

Futsal Director

Sanctioned by U.S. Youth Futsal
U.S. Youth Futsal is an affiliate of US Soccer

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