Cubberley Winter Futsal Camp 2017-2018 returns for its ninth season, at Cubberley Pavilion & Gym B - 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, for Boys/Girls, ages 7-14+ years. This very popular program is an open participation program; individual players and all skill levels are welcome. Sundays, Dec 10 2017 - Feb 18, 2018, these are weekly sessions throughout the winter, with training, small sided games, and full 5v5 games. It is an excellent activity to cooperate and compete with different players. Cubberley Winter Futsal Camp is sponsored by the Stanford Soccer Club.


December 10, 2017 - February 18, 2018**, Sundays

  • Boys & Girls ages 9 and Under -- 9:15 - 10:30AM 
  • Boys & Girls ages 9 -10 -- 10:30 - 12:00PM
  • Boys & Girls ages 10-11 -- 12:00 - 1:30PM
    Boys & Girls ages 12-14 & older -- 1:30 - 3:00PM

    * players can move between sessions for convenience, maturity, or challenge (e.g. not strictly age determined)
    ** no session on Sunday December 24, 2017 and Sunday December 31, 2017


Program Fee: 
   - ages 9 & under (attending 9:15-10:30AM): $210/player  
   - ages 9 - 14+ (attending 10:30AM or later): players: $250/player 

Save 10% earlybird discount for registering by November 25. Use coupon code: earlybird

10% Sibling Discount applied when registering together
Group of 10 of more: contact us for group discount
Drop-in session is $35.
Walk-in registration is OK

Send Questions and Inquires to (email)

Program Description

This program uses an open format providing both training and games at every session. It is not a league, so you do not need to come as part of a team. That said, team/group friends and teammates (e.g., from a CYSA or AYSO team) have an option to train together.

Two courts are available at the Cubberley Pavilion which allow simultaneous games. Playing games (small sided and 5v5) will occur for the majority of each session. Player may expect to move between groups depending on skills and competition desired.

What to bring and wear: Players should wear normal soccer clothes, shin guards, and GYM shoes. A rounded toe shoe with maximum bottom surface area is optimal, but any athletic shoe will work. Any color T-shirt/shorts/socks is acceptable. A water fountain and rest rooms are available.

Attendance Requirements: None. We require registration which includes a parent consent and fee, but beyond that the program is guided by personal desire. We hope the players enjoy a fantastic experience, but they should not feel obligated to attend every session. THIS IS NOT A LEAGUE and therefore weekly teams are formed from attending players; this allows players to come and go based on their personal development and motivation.

Session Overview: Each session includes some technical workout and training; this will typically last less than 30 minutes and may occur in multiple groups with one coach per group. Small scrimmages (e.g., 3v3) and variations thereof provide players with many "touches" (i.e. ball handling opportunities) and different conditions to emphasize a particular objective. Very importantly, players learn many small games and hopefully develop their own creativity in the process. Most session time is used for regular 5v5 games. Teams are determined both by player preference and coaching to guide competition and skill development. In one sense these are organized pick-up games determined weekly by players present.

Equipment: Full size Futsal goals, small goals, Futsal balls and standard size basketball courts are provided via the Cubberley Pavilion gym and Vava. The two courts at Cubberley Pavilion Gym allow two simultaneously 5v5 games; the basketball court perimeter lines provide the "out of bounds" that is also used by Futsal. Different colored pullover Pennies will be provided to establish team colors. Futsal balls for purchase are available during normal sessions, but personal possession of a ball is not required for the program.

Futsal Basics: Two 5 player team compete on a basketball sized court. When a ball goes out of bounds (i.e., out of the basketball court area) it is placed on the line at the place of exit. The team who did not touch the ball last, then kicks the ball into play (i.e., no throw-ins in Futsal). The ball is size #3-#4 versus the normal size #5 soccer ball and is slightly more padded. The goalkeeper may use hands. The goal is 6'x6'. There are two 20 - 25 minute halves in a game.

Even More About the Sessions.....At these young ages expect the players to start playing immediately upon arrival. Unlike adults they do not need much warmup. The technical workouts will be interspersed throughout the small sided game playing, while the full court 5v5 games during the latter hour will probably have minimum coach intervention. An important component of the program is a player finding his/her own creativity on the court. To do this they want to be encouraged to take chances and use peer pressure to self correct. Many times the players will be left to adjust conditions, move between older and younger groups, be a champ or suffer some embarassment. We hope the parents will stay and watch.....however please keep your silence....we want the players focusing on each other and not get distracted by even a boast of praise.

Futsal Observations: What we notice about Futsal players is a common characteristic to gain confidence in tight space, keep their head up while controlling the ball, and anticipating a team mates next move. Their decisions appear intuitive. We think this is a result of getting many touches with the ball in a short amount of time (compared with outdoor soccer) and the ample opportunity to take chances and learn by experience.

Coaches: Vava Marques will direct the effort personally. He will normally have at least one other experienced coach assisting. In addition, he may invite high school players (boys and girls, most of whom are experienced in Futsal) to assist in registration, coordination and sometimes provide competition.