• To provide the ultimate off season small sided game environment for youth soccer players to continue to develop and enhance their technical skills and tactical understanding of the game.
  • To participate in futsal programs and partnerships that provide opportunities for youth players to develop their futsal skills to reach their full potential. 
  • Futsal Colorado invites players and coaches to compete in the only version of indoor soccer sanctioned by FIFA, the US Soccer Federation and all major soccer federations around the world.

Futsal Colorado is a strong advocate of:  

  • Focusing on skill development and creative play.  
  • Playing on FIFA and USYF mandated non-abrasive smooth surface (hardwood or sport court) to maximize player development benefits.
  • Utilizing US Soccer futsal certified referees who understand the spirit and art of the game.
  • Matching teams of similar skill in appropriate divisions and age groups.

Futsal Colorado is a club neutral league:

  • Providing equal opportunity for the top teams to compete in the USYF Regional & National Championships.
  • Exposing top players to the USYF Regional & National I.D. Trials for selection to youth national teams.
  • Encouraging participation from all the Colorado club teams to showcase their diverse styles of play. 


Before committing your team to an indoor league we encourage you to consider why Futsal is the best option for your players' development.

  1. Futsal is played on a field with boundary lines just like an outdoor soccer field. The skills developed during the futsal season are immediately and directly transferable to the outdoor game.

  2. Futsal requires accurate passing and shooting at all times. The tight spaces, smaller goals, heavier and smaller ball - these are all proven factors that contribute to the faster technical development of soccer players.

  3. Futsal accelerates the learning process of maintaining possession in tight spaces. Effectively shielding the ball and being comfortable with the ball when under pressure differentiates players who play futsal from the ones who do not. 

  4. Futsal teaches players to be intelligent and creative in their movement on the field, and to time their runs to perfection (a critical element to play soccer at the highest level).

  5. Futsal requires every player to be constantly involved in the game both offensively and defensively. The Speed of Transition is a key factor for success in soccer, and this is constantly reinforced during a futsal game.

  6. Futsal requires coordinated player movements at all times. This lays the foundation for increasingly more complex tactical play in the outdoor game.

  7. Futsal is safer and more fun!

Your team has the opportunity to take full advantage of all these developmental benefits of futsal.

The Futsal Colorado league is sanctioned by US Youth Futsal, which is an affiliate of US Soccer. The 2022 - 23 Winter League will be held at:

Peak to Peak Charter School (Merlin Drive, Lafayette)

We highly encourage participation by teams from as many different clubs as possible to ensure the highest level of competition. The ultimate objective of Futsal Colorado is to help elevate the skill level of the Colorado youth soccer player. We believe that during the development years every touch of the ball matters, and that futsal is the ideal small sided game to provide the quality touches required for a positive and deliberate practice experience.

Futsal Colorado's Winter League features boys and girls teams in every age group from U10 through High School.  

High-quality officiating, fair and balanced competition, superior facilities and outstanding service are the hallmark of the league; ensuring coaches, players and parents return to play in our league year after year.

The top teams participating in the Futsal Colorado league will have the opportunity to participate in the USYF Regional Futsal Tournament, which is a qualifier for the National Tournament.

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Futsal Coaching Videos:

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Session 2: Freekicks / Kick-Ins & Corners / Goal Clearance 

Session 3: Offensive Tactics

Session 4: Substitution Plays 

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Session 6: Rotating Positions

Session 7: Defensive Tactics

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