USYF has decided to migrate the registration system from HTGSports to our new technology partner, Stack Sports.  A press release sent on 8/2/2018 announced the partnership, and a 8/15/18 date for turnover to the new registration and management system.

The 2018-19 registration into HTGSports has been disabled and will not allow any player registrations into the system.  There are a few leagues that had players registered into HTG before the shut off and we are working with leagues to provide seamless registration.

Please disable all links to HTGSports for the 2018-19 season and communicate via your email system, social media and web sites regarding that the new registration will open soon.  We are targeting the 8/125/2018 date for the system to be able to take registrations.

**UPDATE** We are still working to set up the new registration program.  Once this is up and running, registration will re-open.  Thank you for your patience!! 


There are only 64 spots available this year! Make sure to get your team registered early to secure your spot!! 


Interested / Registered Teams

Check back here for updated listings of teams that are Interested or Registered for our 2018-2019 Futsal Wichita Winter League!!

'17-'18 Registered (Boys) Interested (Boys) '17-'18 Registered (Girls) Interested (Girls)
Sporting Wichita U10 Augusta Raptors (multiple age groups) AYSO United U14 Augusta Raptors (multiple age groups)
Sporting Wichita U11 Newton United (multiple age groups) Kansas Rush Wichita U12 Wichita United (multiple age groups)
Sporting Wichita U14 Sporting Wichita (multiple age groups) Valley Center Sting U11 Newton United (u12 girls)
Sporting Wichita U15 Wichita United U10 Sporting Wichita (multiple age groups)
Augusta Raptors U11 Wichita United U11
Augusta Raptors U12 Wichita United U11
Augusta Raptors U16 Wichita United U12
Sporting Wichita U12 Augusta Raptors U10
Augusta Raptors U14 Augusta Raptors U12
Sporting Wichita U16 Augusta Raptors U15
Augusta Raptors U8 Sporting Wichita U12
Augusta Raptors U13 Wichita United U9
Augusta Raptors U13
Augusta Raptors U13
Augusta Raptors U13
Augusta Raptors U10
Augusta Raptors U10
Newton United U9
Newton United U10
Newton United U17