League Rules


  • 12 players.


USYF follows USSF's 2017-2018 rules for player age groups and birth years

2010 U8 2004 U14
2009 U9 2003 U15
2008 U10 2002 U16
2007 U11 2001 U17
2006 U12 2000 U18
2005 U13 1999 U19



  • Two 24 min. halves, running clock, one time out per team per half.


  • Champions from each division will receive Championship T-shirts.  


  • You must have at least 4 players and a goalie to start a game. 
  • If you have a sister team in the league, you may borrow up to 3 players from that sister team each game, the only exception being when sister teams play each other. 
  • No guest players allowed.
  • Players may be double rostered on teams that are in different age divisions only. 
  • Games played with over aged or unrostered players are forfeit.


  • The wearing of shin guards is mandatory for all players.
  • Players must wear indoor soccer shoes or sneakers (no black soled shoes or cleats allowed).
  • USYF requires teams to use size 3 Futsal balls for U12 and size 4 for U13 and up.


  • The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. In the case of a jersey color conflict, the home team must change jerseys. 


  • Coaches must check the final game results with the referee, including the score, cautions and ejections.
  • Referees must present all game results to the On-Site Staff Member.
  • Coaches should confirm game results with the Referee and On-Site Staff Member after the game.


  • A red card will result in a one game suspension.
  • Any violent conduct red cards are subject to League disciplinary action.


  • If a team fails to show for a scheduled match, the referee shall allow a 5 minute grace period. After the 5 minutes, if the team has not yet arrived or does not have enough players to field a team, the game will be forfeited. The game will be tallied as a 3 to 0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 3 to 0 win for their opponent. If both teams do not show for a match, the game will be tallied as a 3 to 0 loss for both teams.
  • If the referee terminates a match for reasons other than an act of God or field conditions, the Premier Futsal League Competition Committee will decide the result of the match after hearing the official reason from the referee, and both coaches.
  • Teams forfeiting any matches will NOT receive a refund of any kind.                   
  • Forfeited games are recorded as a 3 to 0 loss.  


  • The determination within the group standings is as follows:  
  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss
  • Forfeited games are recorded as a 3 - 0 loss  


  • Total Points
  • Head-To-Head
  • Goals Against
  • Goal Difference