*METHODOLOGY: Before developing the notion of Futsal/Soccer as a passing game, we must focus on the development of skills that suit the cognitive ability of young children. That means a focus on emphasizing the relationship with the ball, running with it, moving, and kicking it. 

KP Futsal Pre-Academy Trainings

Welcome to the KP Futsal Pre-Academy Training

The introductory Futsal program is for children (boys and girls) born in 2014, 2013, and 2012.

- 30 minutes Training and 30 minutes Playing (1 hour total)

*Date: Saturdays (between 10-11 AM) February 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 $25 (5 weeks) \**Please email if you need a Scholarship

Location: WMU Rec Center

*KPFutsal is committed to the development of Futsal/Soccer in our community. Our mission is to enhance player development through Futsal programs that improve spatial awareness, smart, and creative players with exceptional ball control. 

Concept: Adapted Philosophy from the Royal Belgian Football Association "dribblevoetbal" initiative*


Parking: Enter the paved driveway. The gym is to your right. You can park in front of the gym. Please refer to the picture below.

Training Video Examples

Below we would like to present you with examples of Futsal training.