FUTSALNH’s goal is to develop the beautiful game of Futsal in NH. We are looking forward to providing an opportunity for all soccer players/clubs to develop their soccer skills.

Reasons to join the FUTSALNH League and Academy Programs:

  • Futsal is the official form of indoor soccer sanctioned by FIFA
  • We are a small operation that was created to introduce futsal and provide futsal playing opportunities to the youth in NH vs. being a larger operation primarily concerned with making a profit.      
  • We provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.
  • Inexpensive alternative to indoor soccer.
  • Futsal is safer  

Kids and parents love to watch and play futsal.  It is exciting, fast paced, and fun.  The great soccer players of the world all play futsal as young children.  Think of the top players in the world and it is almost a definite that they played futsal as a child.  Now, our kids may not become superstars, but the game of futsal will improve their touch and creativity.  Once you try futsal you may never go back to indoor soccer again.

Tom Bellen is the Director of FUTSALNH.  He has been training futsal for several years for several players and Clubs.  His resume includes being on the USYF National Team coaching staff.  He has been through the highest futsal certifications in the U.S. and went to Spain to learn from their futsal academies.  He has had success at the Regional and National Futsal Tournaments winning multiple championships.  He coached at Souhegan High School for 18 years where he was part of multiple state championships and winning several coaching honors.  He has been a valuable asset in building a perennial powerhouse soccer program in the state of NH.  He is a trainer/coach for Nashua World Cup and has worked at several soccer camps in NH and MA.  Tom was a staff coach for NH ODP and holds an NSCAA National Diploma (USSF "C" License) and is actively working on his NSCAA Advanced National Diploma.  In 2010, Tom received the NSCAA National East Region Coach of the Year honor.

Tom is passionate about training/coaching as are his trainers.  Has has access to many top-level coaches who help provide the quality training that players deserve. 

We have partnered with Bruno Victal of Brazilian Art Soccer to provide the best training in NH.  The Brazilian approach to soccer has produced some of the world’s top players. In Brazil, playing soccer well is an art form and the love of the game is almost as important as the game itself. Brazilian Art is a professional soccer training company providing specialized training and skill enhancement to players from 5-19 years old. The process starts with the Brazilian youth playing only futsal.  Bruno is also on the USYF National Futsal Coaching staff and has won multiple regional and national championships. 

Our trainers use innovative player development techniques to teach players a new, exciting approach to futsal thus benefiting soccer.

Brazilian Art takes a unique approach to developing players, cultivating personal happiness while teaching the skills necessary to master the game. Our training is holistic and includes core stability training and personal fitness as well as technical skills. Our goal is to provide professional, creative, and fun soccer training that will help each player reach their highest potential.

Mission of FutsalNH


  1. To help provide children and adults (male and female alike) across NH the opportunity to play and learn the game of futsal in a safe, caring, and competitive environment;
  2. To educate players, coaches, parents, and referees alike on how the futsal game is to be played, taught, and refereed, including skills, tactics, strategies, and rules.
  3. To develop and maintain a high quality futsal league, by promoting excellence in facilities, scheduling, refereeing, coaching, game play, and sportsmanship.
  4. To spread the game to more geographical areas, more calendar months, as well as to more age groups and skill levels (from recreational to premier level competition).
  5. To operate a competitive league, by establishing well-matched games, divisions based on skill level, competitive playoffs, and holiday tournaments.
  6. To operate a high quality training program.
  7. To establish and grow the FutsalNH Club Program for training elite teams intended to compete in regional and national tournaments.

Why Futsal for Soccer Players?

If you don’t believe us... 

Why Futsal?

We frequently hear the questions: Is futsal really good for soccer players?  How can playing on a court benefit a soccer player, who needs to learn to play on a large grass field? Why the heavier ball? Doesn’t using the bottom of the foot teach bad habits to a soccer player, who needs to play quickly on a grass field? 

We have described the benefits of futsal elsewhere on this website, such as here.  In addition, we should add that the US Soccer Development Academy has recently implemented futsal for the best youth players across the nation.

However, if you still don’t believe us, let some of the the greatest players in the world tell and show you, and watch them use all the parts of their foot, including the bottom.


UNITED STATES YOUTH FUTSAL is the only national futsal organization affiliated with US Soccer. With over 40 leagues throughout the country, 5 Regional tournaments and a National Championship, it is the fastest growing futsal organization in the U.S.

US SOCCER – Is the governing body of all soccer in the United States. Its mission is to make soccer, in all its forms, a preeminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and competitive levels.

USSSA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and expand the game of soccer in the United States. USSSA has been an affiliate of US Soccer since July, 2001.  USSSA registers, sanction and provides insurance for leagues, clubs, academies and players.