Winter Futsal League Registration

Winter 1 Futsal Registration is now Closed

Winter 2 Futsal Registration will be available soon


Winter 1 League Play is November 25 - December 30 2018

Winter 2 League Play is January 19 - February 23

Play Futsal the way it was designed. Futsal of Tulsa is the largest league in Tulsa as well as the only officially sanctioned and insured league through U.S. Youth Futsal. Because of its size and well-trained officiating, the Futsal of Tulsa experience provides very competitive games with teams of similar skill level.

  • Game duration: 48 minutes, 2 - 24 minute halves - Running clock
  • All games are held at Ultimate Perfomance Center 10909 E 56th St, Tulsa, OK 74146
  • Leagues include 6 games and are scheduled for Saturdays from 8am to 8pm & Sundays from 12pm to 8pm. and (Weeknights if overflow, and adults will play weeknights first or reschedules)


Academy/Team/Training Registration



Academy Info 

Program is Directed by Levi Coleman. 

Trainings are on Wednesday evenings. Time slots are given after registration as team/level placement will decide time slot. 

This Academy program has 4 main goals 

Goal #1 - Use the game of Futsal to develop technical, quick thinking, creative, skillful players 

Goal #2 - To provide Tulsa and surrounding areas an opportunity to actually play futsal as a sport, year-round, not just as a Winter activity 

Goal #3 - Build a strong Futsal Academy/Club organization that can represent, compete for, as well as win for Tulsa on a regional and National scale at events. 

Goal #4 - Send players to the National I.D. Trials to potentially play for our regional and U.S. Youth National Futsal Team 

Everyone will have an opportunity to be on a futsal team, dependent on the numbers of players in your age group. Some age groups have multiple teams. 

Details for Futsal of Academy Membership 

- The Futsal Calendar Years for our program will be 9 months. September - July (Time off in April and May) 

- Cost is $60/mo - This brings 4-5 trainings per month (training every Wednesday, so number of trainings depends on number of Wednesdays that moth)

Registration Coming Soon