Peter Stogsdill, Director of Coaching, San Diego S.C.


"My teams love going to play futsal.  As a coach I can see the technical side of their game grow each time they play.  The tight quarters force players to learn to combine with each other and also helps players learn how to work their way in and out of tight spaces on the field.  This helps when you get them back onto the big field again."

-Peter Stogsdill, Director of Coaching-San Diego Soccer Club

  Jen Lalor-Nielsen, DA, U.S. Soccer


"Futsal is a fun, fast-paced technical game that is ideal for developing foot skills.  Some of the best soccer players in the world play futsal because it increases your technical speed on the ball.  Futsal will help take your game to another level.  I highly recommend playing futsal because you will be able to see and feel a difference instantly."

-Jen Lalor-Nielsen, DA-U.S. Soccer