Columbus Futsal Academy - 1 of 24 U.S. Youth Futsal Accredited Academies

We have a very unique approach to player development at Columbus Futsal & Street Soccer Academy, that provides a dedicated but balanced methodology to help you succeed on and off the court. The importance of both structured play (club soccer, academies, coaches, etc.) and unstructured play (pick-up, play with friends/parents, etc.) are key building blocks you will find here as they are rarely found throughout the US. Family understanding on the benefits of futsal, and many other important factors add to every player's success. Those successes may come at different times and be at different levels; whether you have a specific goal for your next game or you want to make the National Team. We call attention to your passions. Instilling a South American style of play, driving you to your most dynamic capabilities. Simply put, "Play How the Rest of the World Plays!"

Tryouts were held over the summer. If you wish to tryout for a team or would like to come and experience a session of Columbus Futsal, please e-mail us.  For more information on playing opportunities, contact us at or 614-655-1590.




Teams compete at local, regional, and national levels.

Goalkeeper training is included weekly in all Academy and Pre-Academy programming. 


9  U.S. Youth Futsal National Team Players
U.S. Youth Futsal State Champions (OH)
3x  U.S. Youth Futsal Regional Champions
7x  U.S. Youth Futsal National Appearances

Join Columbus Futsal Academy - TRYOUT (2004-2012)

2004-2012 Boys & Girls - Evaluation for Columbus Futsal Academy required. Supplemental date 8/7/21.

CFA Pre-Academy Registration - SIGN UP (2013)

Open Enrollment for our CFA Pre-Academy Program is Available to 2013 Boys and Girls. ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT FOR 2021/22 SEASON!

CFA Player Development Registration - SIGN UP (2014-2015)

Open Enrollment for our CFA Player Development Program is Available to 2014-2015 Boys and Girls. DEADLINE 8/31/2021!

Columbus Futsal Academy - 2020-2021 Season

U18-U16 Girls Position High School Graduating Class
Audrey Gibson-Zweifel Goleiro Hilliard Davidson 2022
Ella Tyler Thomas Worthingon 2021
Isabella Sherman Hilliard Darby 2023
Mackenzie Wilkins Grove City 2022
Samnatha Koons Hilliard Davidson 2023
Sydney Stover Hilliard Davidson 2021
Katelyn Schulze Hilliard Davidson 2024
Rocio Duran
U16 Boys Position High School Graduating Class
Ashton Galiffo Bishop Watterson 2024
Duncan Elder Ala Delaware Hayes 2024
Jacob Patton Olentangy Liberty 2024
Landon Montgomery Fixo Heath 2024
Lemuel Tenia Ala Centennial 2024
Manu Krac St. Frances DeSales 2024
Nick Woolard Pivo Olentangy Orange 2024
Paxton Bohnert Goleiro Worthington Kilbourne 2025
Brayden Beggs Olentangy Orange 2024
Matthew Ryan Gahanna Lincoln 2024
Jacob Patton Olentangy Liberty 2024
U13 Boys U15 Boys U15 Girls
Cannon Graessle Paxton Bohnert (GK) Alexis Sherman (GK)
Seth Silverstein DeVaughn Randle Aubrey Steiner
Eric Lancaster Evan Graessle Caroline Wiley
Ethan Silverstein Filipe Godoi Corryn Wallace
Joao Silva (GK) Ivan Canas Deanna Givens
Kian Tracy Jack Hann Keira Elsass
Madden Galiffo Miles Armstrong Maddy Johnson (GK)
Mateo Bonomi Ransom Perkins Madison Barton
Matthew Coy (GK) Paige Taylor
Pedro Ferreira Maamud Riley Herr
Samba Barrie Abby DiBerardino
Javi Medina Kelsey Bennet
Santiago Pereira
Demetrius Holmes
U12 Girls U12 Boys U13 Girls
Amanda Larsen Avery Browning Adrielle Havanas
Marley Olinger Luke Carrico Cate Woolard
Neeko Souder Conner Leven Elizabeth Patton
Elias Chang Riley Hartley
Sam McKenney Summer Robinson (GK)
Levi Perkins Lily Friestat
Liam Tyler
Liam Price (GK)
Lincoln Justice
Logan Guglielmi
Oliver Marker
Sam McGill
Will Jones
Zander Isroff Nekic
Brady DiBerardino
Yahir Avila
U10 Boys U11 Girls U11 Boys
Adrien Davis Anna Boiarsky (GK) Caiden Smith
Alex Purcell Bellamy Althouse CB Blessing
Colin Stankey Brooklyn Wilkins Cohen Fisher
Jaxon Obenauf Lillian Frey Enzo Malave-Ulloa
Kian Chea Nadia Rendek Evan Blanco
Langdon Smith Nora Leven Ezra Rieppel
Mason Baldwin Giana Rodriguez Grandin Kolp
Bram Milliman Kalie Berry Lucas Krac
Roman Mozzoli Adyson Ellis (GK) Marcel Dossous
Thomas Lavelle (GK) Oliver Ooten
Charlie Flowers Owen Bainbridge
James McKrigan Peircen Bohnert
Randon Russell Preston Burkins
Reece Nesbitt (GK)
Tej Andrews
Mason Hansford
Bryan Ramirez
Jayden Gandu

U.S. Youth Futsal National Team Selection

Player Year(s) Selected International Experience
Cade Remy (1999) 2017 Costa Rica
Owen Rhydderch (2000) 2017 Costa Rica
Madeline Wade (2001) 2017 Costa Rica
Audrey Gibson-Zweifel (2004) 2017, 2018 Canada, Portugal
Caitlyn Chittum (2004) 2017 Canada
Sam Garcia (2003) 2019 Argentina
Gavin Waters (2007) 2019 Spain
Max Meacham (2007) 2019 Spain
Lincoln Justice (2009) 2019 Spain
Liam Price (2009) 2019 reserve roster