Academy Info 

Program is Directed by Levi Coleman. 

Trainings are on Wednesday evenings. Time slots are given after registration as team/level placement will decide time slot. 

This Academy program has 4 main goals 

Goal #1 - Use the game of Futsal to develop technical, quick thinking, creative, skillful players 

Goal #2 - To provide Tulsa and surrounding areas an opportunity to actually play futsal as a sport, year-round, not just as a Winter activity 

Goal #3 - Build a strong Futsal Academy/Club organization that can represent, compete for, as well as win for Tulsa on a regional and National scale at events. 

Goal #4 - Send players to the National I.D. Trials to potentially play for our regional and U.S. Youth National Futsal Team 

Everyone will have an opportunity to be on a futsal team, dependent on the numbers of players in your age group. Some age groups have multiple teams. 

Details for Futsal of Academy Membership 

- The Futsal Calendar Years for our program will be 9 months. September - July (Time off in April and May) 

- Cost is $60/mo - This brings 4-5 trainings per month (training every Wednesday, so number of trainings depends on number of Wednesdays that moth)