Our League

1. 8 games (all with USYF-certified referees)

2. Cost

$600/team for U12 and under
$650/team for U13 and over

$500/team for clubs entering 5 or more teams

** IMPORTANT NOTE –  The team league fees indicated does not include player registration fees.  Each player must pay registration fees directly to US Youth Futsal.  The fee is $13.50 per player and is in addition to the league fees paid by the team.  Outdoor registrations from other associations such as US Club, USYSA state organization, AYSO, etc. are not valid for USYF events. **

3. Days/Times (Days and Times subject to change depending on interest)

Starting date 2nd week of January 2023*:

  • Mondays (5-9 PM) U14/U15 Boys
  • Tuesdays (5-9 PM) High School Boys
  • Wednesdays (5-9 PM) U13/U14 Girls & U13 Boys
  • Thursdays (5-9 PM) U16 Girls & High School Girls
  • Fridays (5-9 PM) U15 Girls & U16 Boys
  • Saturday Morning Session (9 AM - 2 PM) U9 Boys & Girls
  • Saturday Afternoon Session (2 -7 PM) U11 Boys & Girls
  • Sunday Morning Session (9 AM- 2 PM) U10 Girls & U12 Boys
  • Sunday Afternoon Session (2 - 7 PM) U10 Boys & U12 Girls


        3TC Building:   920 W. Linden Ave. East Rochester

* Schedule subject to change based on interest*

** If you have a conflict with the dates please reach out to us at Futsal@futsalroc.com and we will try to accomodate as best we can

*** Start date may be slightly delayed due to building construction