1. Format, Roster Size & Rules of Futsal

Format: 5v5 -- Includes the goal keeper

Ages: U8-U19

Max Roster Size: 11 players (if you have 12 or more players, you can create and register 2 sister teams and be able to use all players in either team. See more details in the SISTER TEAMS GUEST PLAY POLICY in section 4.3a below.

Max Number of registered team officials: 3

The home team is responsible for providing the game ball. 
Size ball used by each age group
U12 and under - size 3, a.k.a. JUNIOR size (size 4 OK upon agreement of both coaches)
U13 and older – size 4, a.k.a SENIOR size.

Buy discounted official Idaho Youth Futsal balls at Trikiwear's online Walmart Seller Portal with 2 Days shipping

Note: Due to container shipping delays in Spain, our Idaho Futsal League sponsored futsal balls won't be available for purchase until late December, 2022, so just ready for the second session. Please get your futsal balls by any other means. For example, you can buy them when you register as a player with USYF.

A Quick Guide to the Rules of Futsal

The Futsal Court

2. League Summary & Team Registration

YOUTH FUTSAL LEAGUE - 2 sessions! (U8-U19)

- TEAM REGISTRATION FOR  SESSION 1 (AUTUMN) (Nov 10 - Dec 20, 2022) - Register your team here!

- TEAM REGISTRATION FOR SESSION 2 (WINTER) (Jan 14 - Feb 25, 2023): Opens at the End of November 2022.

Idaho Futsal League

Boise Area (Ada County Conference) &

Middleton/Caldwell/Nampa Area (Canyon County Conference)

League Dates

Weekly games! 

Session 1 (Autumn): Nov 10 - Dec 20, 2022

Note: No games on Nov 24-25 (Thanksgiving)


Session 2 (Winter): Jan 14 - Feb 25, 2023




- Lowell Scott Middle (Boise/Meridian Area). (Fridays, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm games, two courts)

- Other venues maybe added.



Middleton Heights Elementary (Thursdays and Fridays, 6PM, 7PM and 8PM games)  

Mettle Sports (Nampa) (Saturdays, 6PM and 7PM games, two courts)

Note: Every Team is assigned a home venue (home games), in your county.

Venues Directions.


U8 - U19 (Male and Female)

Team Fee


$395 per team 


# of Games

6 games minimum

Player Fee

(USYF pass

valid until

July 31, 


All players must register with USYF for $13.50 (annual fee, good from Aug 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023). Once a team manager or coach registers his/her team, enters his/her team roster and assigns the players (roster) to the registered team, all parents will automatically get a link to register their kids with USYF.  

NOTE: Players who plays in season 1 (Nov 10- Dec 21, 2022), do NOT need to pay this $13.50 player fee again in season 2 (Winter, Jan 14-Feb 25,2022).

Referee Fee

Referee Fees have increased substantially this year (each team pays cash before each game to Referee):

U9-U10: $12/game/team

U11-U12: $15/game/team

U13-U14: $18/game/team.

U15-U16: $21/game/team

U17-U19: $24/game/team

All our officials are US Soccer Futsal Certified!

Awards Given to League Champions!




Besides players, there is a limit of 3 people per team on the team bench. These are coaches, assistant coaches or/and managers. These 3 people need to be fully registered with USYF. See below.

Family members are invited to come watch, just please do not be in the team bench area.

Referees will not deal directly with excess coaches/managers/people or unregistered people/players on the team bench. Instead, they will ask the coach or coaches to deal with the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved with the help of the coaches, referees may choose to abandon the match and make a notation on their game report. Team penalties and sanctions can be found here.


Submit data for your background check here.

Note 1: Cost for coaches/managers/volunteers to register with USYF is $10 (good from Aug 1, 2022- July 31, 2023.

Note 2: An IYSA background check is not transferable to USYF.

Note 3: You will upload your SafeSport certificate during your background check/registration (more details about SafeSport below)

  • (3) COMPLETE THE SAFESPORT ONLINE COURSE - SafeSport or a refresher must be completed EACH year.

SafeSport certification is required as part of the USYF background check process.  The initial course will take about 90-minutes. Refreshers are short. NOTE: SafeSport completed for any other organizations is valid. 

3.1 If you completed  the SafeSport course within a year from when you register for the futsal league, you will upload this certificate to your background check registration.

3.2 If you completed the SafeSport course in a previous year, you must complete the REFRESHER course.  See details below. You will upload this certificate to your background check registration.

3.3 Firts time doing SafeSport. See details below.


First time users - to enroll in the free course:

  • Use this link: https://safesporttrained.org?KeyName=JJFAQsQPWNRj01edWcPr
  • Complete information on “Sign Up” page
  • If prompted, log in to the new account you just created
  • Click on “Menu” and select “Catalog"
  • Click the Start button for “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” to complete the course
  • Upload your certificate of completion

If you need to obtain an existing certificate, please follow these instructions:

  • Use this link: https://safesporttrained.org?KeyName=JJFAQsQPWNRj01edWcPr
  • Please select the “Menu” icon at the top right of your page
  • Select “Transcript”
  • Once the transcript page displays, locate the most current completion for the course under the “Certificates” section
  • Download the certificate by selecting the “Download” button at the right of the completed course
  • If your certificate has expired, please take a refresher course and save the new certificate
  • You will upload this certificate to your background check registration.

‚ÄčFor SafeSport Tech Support contact the Help Desk at (720) 676-6417  

4. 2022-2023 Idaho Futsal Rules

4.1 Venues

  • Ada County Conference - See tables above
  • Canyon County Conference - See tables above

4.2 Respect of Facilities

  • To keep the playing surfaces clean and dry, please instruct your players not to wear dirty or wet game shoes into the facilities.
  • We play at the pleasure of the facilities and ask for your cooperation in order to renew our contracts with them
  • No ball playing / warm up in facilities except on courts
  • Futsal balls only allowed on courts
  • Please supervise children at all times.  
  • Only registered players are allowed to use the gym - other individuals cannot play on the court league is playing - this includes the half-time break period



We encourage outdoor teams to split into 2 futsal teams.  A sister team is created from an outdoor team that splits into two or more futsal teams.  If you as a coach have a sister team in the league and it is:

- in the same age bracket as your team: you may borrow any amount of players from the sister team,

- in an upper age bracket: you may borrow only age appropriate players for your age bracket.

- in a lower age bracket: you may borrow any amount of players from the sister team.

- Sharing of players between sister teams are allowed for all games, including games after the roster freeze before game 4.



You can borrow unlimited players from another team in your club, regardless of bracketing, as long as it is a play up player in the borrowing team. 


Guest Players from other futsal teams in your own club/organization are allowed in a given game  when the club of the two teams represented in that match are in the same  division. In that case two guest players maximum are allowed per team. Exceptions:

- See "A. Sister Teams: Guest Play Policy" exception above.

- See "B. Play Ups: Guest Play Policy" exception above.


When bringing club guest players of the type described in section B and C above, US Youth Futsal official roster from the team (from the your same club) you are loaning players from must be retrieved by the referee from his/her master roster (all rosters). Let your ref know which is the loaning team name. They have the master roster pdf, which includes all rosters. The Guest Players can only play two games maximum in one given day.


Boys teams Coaches can invite any age appropriate registered girl (from a league registered team of the same club) to play in their team.


Two year play ups allowed. For 3 year play ups, please contact us.

For High school age teams, freshmen can play up in a Varsity team.


Play downs are Not allowed. For special circumnstances (teams from small size towns etc.) please write to help@idahoyouthfutsal.org detailing your request.


In games where both teams are from the same club, players from either roster can be dynamically played in any of the 2 teams per the coaches' discretion. 

Failure to meet any of the requirements above will result in forfeits for all games for the teams where the player has played.


Half way the league starts more or less (see below), your roster is set and no more players can be added to the roster. This is to ensure the last decisive games do not see teams trying to stack up their teams. 

For the Fall 2022 session (Nov-Dec 2022), the deadline to add a player to a roster so such player is eligible to start playing the following week, is Sunday (11:59pm) of the week right before the week you want your player to start playing, at 11:59PM. The last Sunday to add players is Dec 4th, 2022 at 11:59PM. 

For the Winter 2023 session (Jan-Feb 2023), the deadline to add a player to a roster so such player is eligible to start playing the following week, is Sunday (11:59pm) of the week right before the week you want your player to start playing. The last Sunday to add players is FEB 5th, 2021 at 11:59PM.

Coaches and Managers can be added anytime but please let us know when you do so at help@idahoyouthfutsal.org so we can send updated official rosters to the referee assignor.

4.4 Referees
We use only US Soccer futsal - certified officials to call our games, assuring the game is played the way it should.  

4.5 Age Divisions/Groups
Boys & Girls U7 - U19 Idaho Futsal reserves the right to drop or combine divisions or age groups.

4.6 Team Registration
See deadlines and registration links for session 1 and session 2 in the table in section 2 above.

4.7 Season Dates, # of games & Awards

Ada County Conference (Boise Venues)  - see summary table in section 2 above.

Canyon County Conference (Middleton/Nampa Venues) - see summary table in section 2 above.

Teams will be scheduled to play 6 games minimum.

Awards given to Champion Teams!

There is no coaching license to coach a team. Any adult who is registered with the team as a coach or manager can sit in the bench.  This is a great option for teams with outdoor coaches who want to take a break, but still want their teams to have fun, develop and play games. 

All adults working with players (coaches, managers or volunteers) need to register with USYF and complete the background check data section. They also need to complete the safesports module. Please click on the "FOR COACHES and MANAGERS" menu at the top of this page or directly, go here.

Coaches with multiple teams
We will accommodate coaches with multiple teams by attempting to schedule them with back-to-back games.  So you are encouraged to split your outdoor teams into two futsal teams, and we will make every effort to schedule your games back to back, however, there may be an occasional gap (one hour) between games if there are multiple sister teams in a bracket.  If you coach more than two teams and need to be at all the games, please let us know.  We will make every attempt to accommodate this request (coaching more than two teams). 

Player/Coaches Registration Fees - All players must be registered with USYF and releases signed by player/parent/guardian (P/P/G).  The fee is $13.50 per player and is completed online only.  When the team manager inputs a player into his/her roster, an e-mail is sent to P/P/G with instructions as to how to complete player registration. 

Coaches/Managers/Volunteers pay $10 to register with USYF which includes an extensive background check. To register as a coach or manager and complete all requirements, please go here.

4.9 Futsal FIFA Rules, House Rules, Point System and Ejections

Official futsal FIFA Rules and Regulations as stated under the Laws of The Game will be enforced. Exceptions are noted below under House Rules. The Futsal Laws of the Game can be found here. 
House Rules

  • 22 minute halves, running clock. During time outs, the referee will stop the clock. Referees can also stop the clock at their discretion for unusual circumstances.
  • Coaches have 1 time out available in each half. Time outs are 1 minute long.
  • No changing of benches during half-time, but teams switch court direction as usual.
  • Halftimes are two minutes, which basically allows for a quick drink by players and then taking positions on the court.  Teams should  clear off courts immediately after end of game.  Coaches are not allowed to interfere with the next game by meeting with their team on the court.
  • No heading in matches involving U12 or younger teams. When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the penalty area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the penalty area line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.
  • Goal keepers can execute a goal clearance (that is, throwing the ball with their hands) anywhere on the court with the exception of the opponent’s penalty area

Point System and Tiebreakers

The determination within the group standings is as follows:  

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss

- For the standings, game scores with a goal differential larger than 6 are converted to having a goal differential of exactly 6 goals. For example if a team wins a match 9-2, the score will be converted to 8-2 and therefore,  the official score will be recorded as 8-2.

- Forfeited/no show games are recorded as a 6 - 0 loss for the team forfeiting or not showing up to play.


  1. Goal Differential (max 6 per game)
  2. Goals For
  3. Head-To-Head

Tiebreakers will be:

  1. Head to Head (games won)
  2. Goal Differential (max 6 per game)
  3. Most Games Won
  4. Most Shutouts
  5. Most Goals For
  6. FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark”

FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark”

If “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” are required, they will be scheduled shortly after the game if applicable or when time and field availability permits to schedule the game(s) in question. Coin Toss will be used to break the tie when PKs are not viable because field unavailability. 

The PK series is of 3 per team. If a tie persists after the series, then one kick for each team alternating, until there is a winner.

Ejections - Red Cards
The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the player shall not be permitted to play in the immediate next match of play.  If the player is rostered on two teams and has a scheduled match on the same day after the red card, the player is ineligible to play in that game. If the player who received the red card, does not have another match that day, then the player must sit out the next immediate scheduled match. The League, in consultation with the Head Referee, will then decide if the player or coach will sit out an additional game (s) the following week   The player or coach receiving the red card must sit out a minimum of one game.  

Coach Ejections
If a coach is ejected from any match, a referee’s report of the incident shall be turned over to the  League administrator by the referee.  

The minimum penalty for an ejection is that the coach shall not be permitted to coach, remain on the player’s bench or in the gymnasium or facility in the immediate next match.

The maximum penalty, after review by the Competition Committee, may result in the individual coach or team’s expulsion from the League.


Official Rosters
To be eligible to play, each player must be on the official roster. Rosters are issued only after full payment of fees, signed Medical / Media Release forms have been received, and all players and adults have been registered online.

You have access to your roster using you HTGsports login and will see what kids have completed their wavers and payments to USYF.

You can add players any time during your first 3 games. Send an email to help@idahoyouthfutsal.org if you have added players so we can send rosters to the referee head for distribution. Again, the official roster is frozen the Sunday before your 4th your game. Max player roster size is 11 players.

Referees will have the official roster cards so coaches do not need to bring them.

Pre-game Check-In
Roster cards may be checked before games.  This is to assure that all players are registered and the league remains sanctioned by US Youth Futsal.  

Pay your Referee

Referee Fees (each team pays cash before each game to Referee):

See table in section 2 above.

If your team is playing up, please pay the fee corresponding to the division you are playing in.

All our officials are US Soccer Futsal Certified!

If a team fails to pay its referee cash fee before the beginning of its game, it will be considered a forfeit. The game will be tallied as a 6 to 0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 6 to 0 win for their opponent.

The actual fee + a $25 penalty must be paid before the next game to remain in good standing in the league. Contact Idaho Youth Futsal at help@idahoyouthfutsal.org to arrange for payment.



  • Home team (listed first in schedule) wears its primary colors.
  • Visitor team will wear a uniform no conflicting with the home team colors.

This convention is present with most soccer/futsal leagues in the world and also in High School soccer in Idaho.

You can enter your primary and alternate colors by editing your team. Clicking on a game in the online schedule shows your uniform info so the other team knows.

The home team is responsible for providing the game ball. 
Size ball used by each age group
U12 and under - size 3, a.k.a. JUNIOR size (size 4 OK upon agreement of both coaches)
U13 and older – size 4, a.k.a SENIOR size.

Do not bring outdoor balls into the facilities. They are not allowed for warm-up. Only futsal balls are allowed. Home team is responsible for providing a game quality ball.

The wearing of shin guards will be mandatory for all players.


Indoor, flat soled soccer shoes must be worn. No cleats allowed.


-Failing to show
If a team fails to show for a scheduled match, the referee shall allow a 5 minute grace period. After the 5 minutes, if the team has not yet arrived, does not have enough players to field a team (4), or at least 1 registered coach or team rep is present, the game will be forfeited. The game will be tallied as a 6 to 0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 6 to 0 win for their opponent. The No Show fee amount is $200 plus the full ref fees for both teams.

Note: Only the team that showed up can use the court time for training or intra scrimmage.

-Not Paying your Ref

If a team fails to pay its referee cash fee before the beginning of its game, it will be considered a forfeit. The game will be tallied as a 6 to 0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 6 to 0 win for their opponent.

The fee and a $25 penalty must be paid before the next game to remain in good standing in the league. Contact Idaho Youth Futsal at help@idahoyouthfutsal.org to arrange for payment.

For referee fees see the tables at the top of this page.

-Games Cancelled


-Other reasons
If the referee terminates a match for reasons other than force majeure or field conditions, the Idaho Futsal Competition Committee will decide the result of the match after hearing the official reason from the referee (and both coaches, if needed).

Referees will not deal with excess people or unregistered people/players in attendance directly. Instead, they will ask the coach or coaches to deal with the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved with the help of the coaches, referees may choose to abandon the match and make a notation on their game report. Team penalties and sanctions can be found here. Idaho Futsal will not need to speak with the coaches in this case to decide the result. 

Teams forfeiting a match and the opponent of a team that forfeited will not receive a refund on their registration fee.
Forfeited games are recorded as a 6 - 0 loss.


Games Cancelled by a Team
If an opponent cancels a game or does not show for the game, the other team may use the field of play for the scheduled game time for practice or scrimmage. There are no refunds for games cancelled by opponents.

If a team must cancel a game , call the Idaho Futsal administrator as soon as possible so we can notify the referees and give the other team a chance to plan accordingly. Cancelling a game not only short-changes your team, but your scheduled opponent.

Games cancelled by a team will incur the following fees:

Less than 1 week notice: $100 + Full Referees fees for both teams

More than 1 week notice: $50

This is in addition to the $150 reschedule fee (see below), if the team cancelling the game wants to reschedule it and the opponent agrees.


There is no games reschedules (a forfeit will be reflected). There is one exception: If we have court space available before the league concludes and the opposite team agrees to play the match, a reschedule can be requested.

However, if there is space, games cancelled by teams will not be rescheduled until a $150 reschedule fee, paid by the team that cancelled, is received by Idaho Futsal. Contact us at help@idahoyouthfutsal.org to arrange for payment.

TIMING OF RESCHEDULE - A team that cancels a game and wants to still play the game (see above) must request the reschedule (once it contacted the other team and they agreed to play) and pay the reschedule fee within 1 week of the date when the match should have been played. After this 1 week period, the forfeit becomes official.

Games Cancelled by Facilities 
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel games at any time for any reason such as facility problems.  Cancellations are very rare events, so teams should plan on playing.  If there are games cancelled, reschedules are not guaranteed and refunds for cancelled games will not be provided.

4.14 Referees 
If you have an interest in joining the Idaho State Futsal referee pool, please email us at assignor.idaho@gmail.com 

4.15 Additional Questions
If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding Idaho Futsal, or IFF please feel free to contact us at  help@idahoyouthfutsal.org