$6,550 IN PRIZES


As a "Thank You" for joining our futsal league every team will receive a FREE vacation trip, a $500 value, with registration. This is a GREAT way to fundraise by auction it off and paying for your entrance to our futsal league.

It is only October with the fall season underway but it is also time to plan for winter and this year's futsal league. We are CRAZY with excitement to announce some FANTASTIC news about the Mercer & Central Jersey Futsal League, which will also be known as part of NJ State Futsal.This year we have added a new facility in Monroe Sports Center, as well as the Hun School, Chapin School and Elms School, please see all exact addresses on our website.

 This year we have moved to a point system league play which will reward the TOP boys and the TOP girls team in the league with what we think the first of its kind prize package. (Please take a look below).


​​​​​​​We have created three different tiers of competition, a new registration system, through soccer connect as well as adhering to all US Soccer mandated guidelines by implementing a coach's background check and a players protection policy. Why did we pick U.S. Soccer Connect / Stack Sports for the new registration platform? 

U.S.Soccer Connect is the largest commitment of technology and support resources to any project in American sports history.
U.S. Soccer began vetting technology companies and Stack Sports was selected to build the first-ever U.S. Soccer National Data Center (NDC) and U.S. Soccer Connect, an integrated online sports management tool created to support the day-to-day operations of U.S. Soccer Member Organizations and the thousands of affiliated leagues, clubs and referees across the country.

Combining the best individual solutions in the marketplace into one integrated platform has created efficiencies of administrative functions and optimized resources of its users. In close cooperation with members.


* As always the games will be officiated ONLY by NJ state licenced referees.

* Eight 40 minute games will be played by each team

*Preferred Scheduling For Coaches Coaching multi teams




 Top all around teams WIN:


TOP ALL AROUND TEAM – Based on 10 player roster

* Paid entrance for entire team to the 2019 Atlantic Regional  Championship In Philadelphia PA – ($500.00 Value)

* 5 Night Vacation Package to Mexico – (Team will receive 1 Vacation package, Great to auction for fundraising - $1,500.00 Total Value)

* $250 Scholarship towards 2019 Women’s World Cup Travel Package – (Team will receive 3 scholarships - $750.00 Total Value)

* $50 Scholarship towards USYF Academy tuition or any other USYF program (Each player will receive one - $500.00 Total Value)

* Futsal Ball – (Each player will receive one - $350 Total Value)

* Futsal Training Kit – (Each player will receive one – $300.00 Total Value)


RUNNER UP TEAM – Based on 10 player roster

* 3 Night Vacation – (Team will receive 3 Vacation packages, Great to auction for fundraising - $1,500.00 Total Value)

* $50 Scholarship towards USYF Academy tuition or any other USYF program (Each player will receive One - $500.00 Total Value)

* Futsal Ball – (Each player will receive one - $350 Total Value)

* Futsal Training Kit – (Each player will receive one – $300.00 Total Value)


Ronald Villatoro named Academy's New Coaching Director

Ronald Villatoro has a great passion and experience for soccer and particular “futsal”. Many of you may know coach Ronnie, as he is known, in the Ocean and Monmouth Counties from training with his company, Tecnica Soccer. Coach Ronnie is highly qualified and for those players that have had the opportunity to train with him, they realize how engaged he is in the training sessions. He participates, guides and teaches his players alongside with them as he is one of them. He does not just sit on the sidelines providing directions but steps in and shows players how it is done. This is a great way to teach/coach as players respect someone who can walk the walk and can visually show them what he is looking for.

Coach Ronnie recently had the opportunity to try out professionally in Sweden and Finland where he learned and trained extensively under Patrick Walker, previous trainer of the Swedish under 21 national team. currently he holds an NSCAA advanced national certification and a USSF license. Ronnie began his coaching career in 2012 under the guidance of Rodrigo Castro who played for the Sao Paolo Academy in Brazil.


Central Jersey Futsal League, Peddie School Hightstown NJ

As the indoor soccer game in America is evolving more and more youth soccer families, and coaches are being educated on the difference between indoor soccer and Futsal. In Central New Jersey, to the average fan there may seem no big deal other than the surface that the games are played on, indoor soccer usually is played on turf fields and Futsal is played on hard court surfaces, but if we examine closer the differences between the two types of games are actually quite a few. Let's start from the surface the games are played on. Indoor soccer is played on turf with bigger fields that support 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11 formats. Futsal is always played on hard court surfaces only supporting 5v5 formats. The fact that futsal is played on harder, smaller surfaces means that it is much more difficult for a player to control the ball therefore developing a player's foot skills. The 5v5 only format supports the fact that players will touch the ball a lot more times than the average indoor soccer game therefore once again developing their skills. Because of less players playing at one time, there will be more opportunities for 1v1 play, more scoring opportunities, more movement with and without the ball, players are forced to make quicker decisions, are forced to be more creative and the fact that the pace of the game is a lot faster only creates more excitement for the players, and fans watching the game.


Now, as the popularity of the Futsal game in New Jersey is growing, indoor venues are advertising futsal leagues but are not really futsal leagues. They are not played on hard surfaces, with a 5v5 format, are not using futsal balls or futsal referees. Why is that important you ask?

Futsal balls are slightly heavier and smaller than regular soccer balls. They are intended not to bounce much allowing players to focus on technique and since they are smaller it is more difficult to control them. Combine them with the fact that the harder surface is faster and now a player has to really focus on technique. If the players can get better at controlling the ball in a futsal environment, when they go outside on grass or turf it will be much easier for them, therefore their technique will be better as well. Futsal has different FIFA rules than a regular indoor or outdoor game, and having referees that are certified in those rules assures that the futsal league is run properly. One of the main rules that is different than the indoor or outdoor game is that there is no excessive contact allowed. By taking contact away now a player cannot rely on his physicality to win battles but must use his technique to win 1v1 battles. A taller more physical player suddenly does not have a big advantage over a smaller player if his skills are not good. Central Jersey Futsal uses only hard surface courts, futsal balls, certified futsal referees, and adheres to FIFA futsal laws of the game.

Lastly the reason why futsal is only played in a 5v5 format is simple: less players on the court/field more touches on the ball more opportunities to play and interact.

Please keep checking back for more descriptions of why futsal is different that indoor soccer and how it benefits a soccer player.