Game Locations (8 courts on a weekend basis, multiple locations)...hardwood or sports court is the surface of these facilities, with specific futsal court markings at some of them: 

** Please be mindful of the facilities we use when managing the cleanliness of the area.  LFutsal rentals / leases each facility used, with the understanding that we are responsible for managing the cleanliness of the area.  That said, at certain facilities, there are staff members whether personnel of that specific facility, or LFutsal staff member.

UAW Local 862 3000 Fern Valley Road; 2 futsal courts - gym entrance / parking is located at the back of the building, gate entrance to the right side of the building
UAW Local 862 2702 Chamberlain Lane; 1 futsal court
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park Gym 3000 Freys Hill Road; 1 futsal court - it is the only building adjacent to the big parking lot
Portland Christian School 8509 Westport Road; closest to Westport Middle School; 1 futsal court - gym building is behind the school
Top Gun Tennis Warehouse 1800 Elite Drive; 2 futsal courts (U13 and older teams more than likely schedule here) - parking is allowed along side Elite Drive on curbside closest to the Top Gun clubhouse/warehouse...NO PARKING ALONG THE YELLOW PAINTED CURB...additional parking where signs indicate.
Optimum Sports Complex 2401 Stanley Gault Pkwy; 3 futsal courts possible
Tennis Club @ Springhurst 4109 Simcoe Lane; 2-3 futsal courts possible
The Vanguard Academy 9306 Dayflower Street, Prospect, KY 40059; 2 futsal courts