Hello Michigan community!

My name is Ernesto Diaz. I started KP Futsal because I believe in the sport and what it can do to improve player development.

The beginning...

Everything changed when I met the Men's National Team head coach, Keith Tozer. Coach Tozer introduced me to REAL Futsal. I learned the skills, techniques, tactics, and formations which are unique to Futsal. Since meeting coach Tozer, I've been on a whole new adventure. I've had the opportunity to work with Coach Tozer, see his USA National Team training sessions, completed the USYF Level III course, and pick his brain on player development, formations, and tactics. I also had the opportunity to work with him during the US Regional ID Camps as we helped select the new Youth National teams. 

Through Futsal, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with many others, including Drew "Ducks" Ducker (former USA Mens Futsal National team player), Otto Orf (Great Lakes Futsal and USA), Daniel Mattos (Current USA player),  Fabian Rodriguez (ABK Director), Adrien Gasmi (current French National team), and Alonso Kevin Ramires (French National Team), among many others. It's been through these relationships that I have been able to learn so much.

the Zego effect...

I also had the chance to work directly with coach Antonio "Zego" Acevedo. Coach Zego is considered one of the greatest Futsal coaches of ALL TIME!

Coach Zego coached one of the greatest futsal players of all time, Ricardinho, when he was a youth player in Portugal. Ricardinho was voted World Futsal Player of the Year (2010, 2014-2017). Coach Zego also created what is known today as the 4-0 formation in Futsal. Coach Zego has been instrumental in shaping my view and training methods of Futsal.

Born in 1953 in Sao Paulo, Zego is a well-known name in the Futsal world. He played on the Brazil national Futsal team for six years. Among his accomplishments, the coach spent eight years in Spain training the country’s two major Futsal clubs, which have each won national and European championships several times.

the impact of Futsal in Kalamazoo...

I brought the first ever league to Kalamazoo after training with club teams in the area. We also held our very first Futsal tournament in 2014. And we Started the first ever Futsal Academy in Kalamazoo, also known as KPFA. The academy will serve all the players and teams in the area. We look to promote Futsal by offering coaching education, player training, tournaments, and league play.

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the story continues...

Ernesto and Zego

Ernesto with Zego

Futsal @ WMU Rec. Center

KP Futsal Staff w/ Coach Zego (center)

Futsal @ WMU Rec. Center

KP Futsal Staff w/ Brandon Bye, MLS Pro Player