The USYF National Championships is a competition that brings together the top Futsal teams from around the country, usually requires qualifying through one of our Regional Championships.

Teams are eligible to apply for the USYF National Championships under 2 categories; Guaranteed Acceptance or At-Large Application.

Guaranteed Acceptance Teams - Teams that played in a USYF Regional and were awarded division Champion or Finalist. These teams have three weeks after the opening of registrations (around January 21, 2022 to register and pay the tournament fee to retain their guaranteed status.   If registration and payment is not completed within that time, teams will forfeit their guaranteed acceptance status and we will look to fill brackets with At-Large Applicants,

At-Large Teams - These are teams that either competed in a Championship Series event and were not awarded a Guaranteed Acceptance.

  1. After all guaranteed bids are accepted, the next preference for consideration will be given to teams that participated in a current year USYF Regional, but were not crowned Champions or Finalists. 

  2. After those teams have been placed, the remaining slots will be filled by any additional At-Large candidates.

To be considered, all at large teams must register and pay by February 15th, 2022.  The tournament committee will review the At Large applications and acceptance status will be sent to those teams no later than March 1st, 2022.