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WMU Student Recreation Center Hosts numerous courts MPG1 and MPG2, Courts 1, 2, and 3, and BBALL 1 and 2 

Address: 2000 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Parking Locations

#1 - North of Rec Center. There is a Parking Garage with 3 levels. You can use all three levels to park

#2 - Lot #13 on the East side of the Rec Center.

*****Parking Lot West of the Student Rec Center and Read Fieldhouse Is Now CLOSED for CONSTRUCTION - NO PARKING

Once inside the facility, players and spectators will be able to access the multipurpose gyms and indoor courts. If attendees choose to park in the parking structure, then they can access the building by entering the 3rd floor entrance (across from the structure) and coming down to the first floor via the stairwell or elevator.

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Free Parking and Entrance at KVCC Campus

See below for a map of the KVCC Campus. There is limited seating at KVCC. Arrow points at Entrance. Parking is Free. 

Free Parking and Entrance at Kalamazoo Christian Middle School

See below for Parking Map at K Christian MS. You can park in the front or the back. There are two gyms. KP Futsal uses the one in the back.