Gainesville Futsal is a product of IDEAS in America. IDEAS is a non-profit entity dedicated to innovative measures for the development, education, and advancement of soccer in America. GNF Futsal is a sanctioned US Futsal and US Youth Futsal Developmental Academy. As a member of US Soccer, GNV Futsal is an embodiment of FIFA’s commitment to the sport. Soccer is FIFA’s first pillar, and Futsal is Soccer. FIFA's statutory objective is to continually improve the game of soccer by promoting it globally in the light of its unifying educational, cultural, and humanitarian values, mainly through youth and development programs. The development of futsal is an integral part of this mission. Futsal is a game enjoyed by millions around the world, at all levels and in all communities. Futsal is not only a game in its own right, but it is also an excellent player development tool.


Through the game of futsal, Gainesville Futsal and the North Florida Futsal Association aims to:

  • Deliver targeted, accelerated, and customized player development programs.
  • Ensure equality and reduce the gap in opportunity for development.
  • Encourage the game as a compliment to soccer and a game in its own right.
  • Promote football’s values of fair play, education, health, and discipline.
  • Support the development of players, coaches, and referees.
  • Sustain growth of the sport via the leagues, tournaments, and creative opportunities for "play."