The origins of futsal date back to Uruguay in the late 1930s, but as it is within its name (fútbol sala) futsal has been around since the beginning of football. As a sanctioned game, futsal is played – indoors or outdoors and in more than 170 of FIFA’s 209 member associations and practically every corner of the world. As a recreational activity, futsal you can find futsal in every corner of the world. With only five players or less, reduced size goals and pitch, the need for skillful, imaginative play with precise technical execution is paramount. The game requires a higher level of technique, variable skill sets, tactical understanding, coordination, and agility. Tight spaces, fast-moving action, quick decisions, and end-to-end play with transitions are crucial to futsal success, making this a challenging but enjoyable format of soccer. Futsal provides skillsets for exceptional soccer performance.

Developing the ability to know when to pass to feet or pass to space, when to pass or run with the ball, when to shoot or simply retain the ball, when to mark the player or mark the space, are all developmental aspects that the likes of Pele, Messi, Marta, Xavi, Dani Alves, Kaká, Neymar, Cristiane, Cristiano Ronaldo and countless of superstars in the game learned from a young age. Futsal encourages players to play freely with great creativity. The game enables players to become “well-rounded” in all aspects of soccer.