At GNV Futsal we pride ourselves in being the BEST youth soccer development program. We believe Futsal is a fantastic game in its own right. It just so happens that it is also the best way to develop the necessary and complementary skills needed for exceptional soccer performance at any level. We utilize the game of futsal as a means to:

  • Introduce young athletes to the game of soccer
  • Compliment, supplement and accelerate each individual’s growth and maturation in the sport
  • Build a culture for the creative, expressive and intuitive play that illustrates the “beauty” in the game of soccer
  • Create an avenue to enjoy the beautiful game for life!

GNV Futsal has regulation futsal (5v5) and mini-futsal (3v3) programs that are designed by experienced soccer and futsal specific coaches from around the world. At GNV Futsal, we implement some of the best systems in athletic and sports development and we boast a Futsal program that is influenced by the world’s most advanced and successful futsal institutions (Sorocaba Futsal, ACB Futsal, and Inter Fútbol Sala).

GNV Futsal is the BEST because we offer a program that is: Beneficial, Economical, Stratified, Tailored specifically for you and your child’s needs. We sports education methodology uses movement mechanics, contact dynamics and Intuition to build game sense, strength, speed, skill, spirit, and support for competitive and creative play.