UPPER90 Futsal Fun Facts!

UPPER90 FUTSAL  is sanctioned by U.S. Youth Futsal A U.S. Soccer Affiliate.
U.S. Youth Futsal is the largest and fastest growing Youth Futsal Organization in the U.S.

We only use U.S. Soccer Futsal Certified Referees.

To create environments of learning where youth players are developed tactically, technically, and personally on a local and regional platform. Our goal is to utilize our Academy’s structure to equip our players with the enthusiasm, courage and skills to overcome their fear of failure, increase their efficiency with the ball, and realize their unlimited potential.

There are so many important reasons why youth players should be playing Futsal.  Futsal is so different than the outdoor game. It is so much faster and every player playing gets involved in the action.  The number of touches, quick decisions making situations, technical skill needed to get out of small spaces, playing under pressure and speed of play to name a few.


Herald Zurita

(Upper90 Futsal) League Director

Phone: (281) 824-5764

Madison Mackenzie

Registrar- Administrator

Phone: (281) 824-5764