About North Alabama FUTSAL

North Alabama FUTSAL was established in 2013 as a youth and adult (amateur) indoor soccer league that services cities in North Alabama by organizing seasons, tournaments, camps, clinics and more. The North Alabama FUTSAL League exists to bring organized futsal games to North Alabama. It is the first permanent organization created with the initial sole purpose of facilitating standard futsal play in Alabama. In it's eight year of existence, North Alabama FUTSAL sanctioned it's youth futsal activities with the United States Youth Futsal (USYF) organization.

North Alabama FUTSAL is a sport league dedicated to the growth of the game of futsal in the cities of North Alabama. We began in Huntsville by organizing seasons of futsal games for both youth and adult teams, hosting futsal referee clinics, and conducting futsal player camps. We plan to expand to do the same in other cities in North Alabama in addition to hosting futsal tournaments and futsal coach clinics soon. Our ultimate goal is to establish futsal as its own sport and, through the benefits to players from playing futsal, see great improvement in individual skills of soccer players from North Alabama and their reputation across Alabama.


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North Alabama FUTSAL

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