The North Alabama FUTSAL League (NAFL) conducts the following activities throughout the year:

  • Fall and Spring Futsal Academies – in September and October and again in April and May (sometimes earlier), youth players are coached in futsal specific skills and techniques for both better futsal play but also for better soccer play since the coaching of the futsal academy relates the newly acquired futsal skills to particular soccer situations. This is coaching not available from soccer coaches. Academies include scrimmaging too, which is what everyone wants, of course. While academies are planned for fall and spring, sometimes one may be hosted in the winter or summer.
  • Winter and Summer Seasons of Competitive Games – in November thru January (winter session 1), in February and March (winter session 2) and in June and July (summer's single session), both youth of ages from 8 thru 19 and adult teams form and compete for division titles. These are competitive games, played strictly by FIFA futsal rules, and officiated by two referees and a timekeeper (the youngest youth may have only two officials). Trophies and/or t-shirts are awarded to division champions.
  • Futsal Camps – occasionally, during school fall and spring breaks, an hour or two of “Futsal Time” will be hosted to give youth something to do while school is out and at the same time, in many cases, teaching them something new.
  • Promotions – the league promotes coaches taking futsal coaching courses with financial support. And the league also gives a big discount on team fees when coaches or managers recruit new teams into the league.