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Louisville Futsal

Louisville Futsal League - winter '21-'22 season UPDATES!!!

WEBSITE UPDATE: 1.5.2022 @ 11:50am...


...futsal league games will resume this weekend...January 8-9 weekend


** TIKI TAKA FUTSAL TOURNAMENT ON AS SCHEDULED...TIKI TAKA Tourney (Feb 4-6, 2022) -- online registration link is OPEN...CLICK HERE!!! - Early Bird Discount until Jan 21 ($325 per)...after Jan 21, $350 per team!!!

LOUISVILLE FUTSAL will be enforcing SAFETY GUIDELINES in relation to how all other indoor sports facilities & other indoor establishments have been enforcing safety guidelines - unless otherwise told by our facilities we rent from, masks will be recommended, helping keep a cleanliness environment will be recommended when asking everyone to help contribute to the wiping down of areas necessary -- cleaning supplies will be on hand...LFutsal will do its part to make sure the safety and personal well-being of ALL people involved will come first and foremost when managing.

...LEAGUE SCHEDULER LINK  is posted below and should always be the latest finalized schedule... (click here)



- LOUISVILLE FUTSAL LEAGUE SCHEDULE: we are using a newly launch HTGSports online scheduler...please scroll down to see link (GAME SCHEDULE THROUGH THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY) -

- ONLINE SCHEDULER...CLICK HERE (this is an example of last years <'19-'20> season schedule) -

** This online scheduler, you will need to know what division your team plays in...the schedule does have a drop down list that will give you  address to each facilities **

1. league play will start December 4/5 weekend, and last until the last possible weekend, February 26/27, 2022
2. league play will last approximately 10 wkends, last possible (projected) wkend to play league games, February 26/27 -- March 5/6 weekend will be used as a make-up weekend if needed at that time.

** When we mention the league can will last approximately 11 wkends, please understand there is subject to change regarding the league format.  That said, we expect to get everything done by Feb 27-28 wkend, however, if we don't complete everything by than, we will consider the following weekends to finish up what is owed: MARCH 5/6 wkend (we feel that we can look at teams U12 and younger when considering these wkends since KASL, KSSL, outdoor games won't start until the middle of MARCH **

** NO GAMES DECEMBER 25/26 WEEKEND + January 1/2 weekend (HOLIDAY BREAK) **

3. There is a good chance that league play is put on hold the weekend of February 6-7 wkend since this is LFutsal's Tiki Taka Futsal Tournament event we host
4. Games are on the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday...(Saturdays) games as early as 8am, and as late as 9pm...(Sundays) games as early as 11am, and as late as 7pm.  WE DO USE YOUNGER TEAMS EARLY IN THE DAY when scheduling teams throughout Saturdays and Sundays
6. OTHER CONFLICTS to winter training, ODP events, January 11-12 Oldham County 3v3 event, Copa del Sala (Cincy) Futsal tourney, any USYF related regional and national tourney events


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