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US Youth Futsal National Championships

The National Championship Series // Powered by Senda

Futsal has always been considered an incredible training tool for soccer development, but over the past decade it has gained more traction than any other growing sport in the US. With USYF affiliates popping up all over the map, we wanted to give our youth the opportunity to grow as a player on a small scale, and use this growth to develop in the next levels. Introducing the USYF State Championship Series: the first stepping stone in the USYF Championship Series pathway.

The State Championship Series allows players to start small and grow exponentially, instead of having to enter Regionally and compete against top area talent. They're the perfect opportunity for young futsal talent to grow as individuals and a team, and prepare for the next steps in their USYF Championship Series journey with confidence.

The next step in the Championship Series Pathway is the Regional Championship Series. This series has been a pillar of the futsal community since our inception in 1994, and has served tens of thousands of young futsalers over the years. The Regional Championship Series collects the best teams in the region to play against each other in hopes for an invitation to the National Championship Series later in the season. Last year, we had 12 Regional Championships around the US, all played in the hubs of a region for easy access by all teams involved. Multiple entrances allow for all players to play in such a prestigious program, and get a chance to play on a National level.

The next stop in the Championship Series Pathway is the National Championship Series. The National Championship Series is regarded as the highest-level of futsal play in the Nation, attracting top players, coaches, and scouts from coast to coast. The National Championship Series is held in Kansas at the culmination of the final Regional Championship. The winners & runners-up from each Regional Championship are automatically invited to the National Championship Series, with the opportunity to enter at-large for other teams. The National Championship Series is the most exclusive futsal tournament in the United States, and has been a mark of excellence by the futsal community since 1994.

The US Youth Futsal Championship Series is the country's largest and most prestigious national youth futsal competition. The 2021-2022 Championships included four USYF State Championships, 12 USYF Regional Championships and the largest attended National Championship in our history. 

´╗┐Combined, our 16 Championship Series events provided over 11,833 players on 1,133 teams from 36 states the opportunity to showcase their talents against the best competition in the country. 

We are investing into growing our beautiful game and are currently accepting applications from candidates that are interested in hosting an upcoming USYF State Championship, which is part of our National Championship Series.

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What are the USYF National Championships?
  • Third and final phase of the USYF Championship Series.
  • Highly competitive event bringing together top teams in the nation.
  • Winners of each division will be crowned National Champions
  • National Championships are not open events, meaning teams must qualify to for an exclusive invitation to the tournament.
  • Winners of their respective Regional Championships receive automatic invitation to the National Championship in Kansas.
What are the Benefits to the Participating Teams?
  • Final step in the Player Pathway, and the ultimate test of individual and team strength.
  • Excellent opportunity for team development and identification on a National & International level.
  • A chance to be credited as a "National-Level" futsal program. 

The US Youth Futsal National Championship Series is the country's largest and most prestigious national youth futsal competition. We are investing into growing our beautiful game, starting with the development of futsal in hundreds of communities across the US through our affiliate network.

Interested in Learning More About the USYF National Championship?

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USYF Director of Tournaments & Sanctioned Events John Sciore

Contact if Interested in Hosting a USYF Championship Series

Phone: 314-604-4801



Our Goal

The goal of the USYF National Championship Series is simple.  We want to provide a clear pathway for the top teams in the country to compete at a local, regional, and national level.

The Championship Pathway

STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The State Championships allow teams to compete locally against some of the top clubs in the area and get a feel for the competitive experience.  This is an open event for anyone to attend.

REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The Regional Championships draw from a larger geographic area and create a more competitive platform. Division winners earn an automatic bid to compete in the National Championships, Division Finalists will receive a preferred bid. This is an open event for anyone to attend, you do not have to win a state championship to register.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The highest-level tournament for any youth futsal team in United States, the USYF National Championships bring together the most competitive futsal teams in the country to battle for the title of United States Youth Futsal National Champion. This is an invitation only event including teams that were either Champions or Finalists from their respective Regional Championships, or if additional space is needed to complete a bracket we will accept at-large applications from teams that competed in a Regional Championship.


July 7 - 10, 2023.  Tournament begins on Friday morning and all team must be available to play at 8 am.   All Finals are Monday July 10

Ages Boys and Girls U9 - U19

Applications For Qualifiers - February 20th, 2023

Application For At Large - February 28, 2023

Notification of acceptance March 12, 2023


New Century  Fieldhouse and Johnson County C.C.

Games 3 minimum
Awards Champions and Finalists Medals and Team trophies
Fees $750 per team
Player Fee $13.50 if not already registered with USYF
Daily Admission Under 12, no charge.  12 and older $5 per day for Friday , Saturday and Sunday.  No admission fees on Monday Finals

GameChanger Livestream

We are excited to announce that GameChanger will be Live-streaming most of the national championship matches this year.  

Click here to view all available live matches.  



Tournament will be officiated by the top referees in the United States and will draw from FIFA Futsal Referees and FIFA Futsal Referee Instructors.

Referees who are interested in officiating please use link here.


2022 Championship Series a Huge Success!

USYF Posts Record Number of Teams and Players in our State and Regional Championships

11,833 players on 1,233 teams participated in the 2021-2022 USYF State and Regional Championships to travel the road that leads to qualifying for the USYF National Championships

The 2023 Youth Futsal National Championship is set to kick off July 7 - 10, 2023 in Overland Park KS.