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US Youth Futsal National Championships

The National Championship Series // Powered by Senda

Futsal has always been considered an incredible training tool for soccer development, but over the past decade it has gained more traction than any other growing sport in the US. With USYF affiliates popping up all over the map, we wanted to give our youth the opportunity to grow as a player on a small scale, and use this growth to develop in the next levels. Introducing the USYF State Championship Series: the first stepping stone in the USYF Championship Series pathway.

The State Championship Series allows players to start small and grow exponentially, instead of having to enter Regionally and compete against top area talent. They're the perfect opportunity for young futsal talent to grow as individuals and a team, and prepare for the next steps in their USYF Championship Series journey with confidence.

The next step in the Championship Series Pathway is the Regional Championship Series. This series has been a pillar of the futsal community since our inception in 1994, and has served tens of thousands of young futsalers over the years. The Regional Championship Series collects the best teams in the region to play against each other in hopes for an invitation to the National Championship Series later in the season. Last year, we had 12 Regional Championships around the US, all played in the hubs of a region for easy access by all teams involved. Multiple entrances allow for all players to play in such a prestigious program, and get a chance to play on a National level.

The next stop in the Championship Series Pathway is the National Championship Series. The National Championship Series is regarded as the highest-level of futsal play in the Nation, attracting top players, coaches, and scouts from coast to coast. The National Championship Series is held in Kansas at the culmination of the final Regional Championship. The winners & runners-up from each Regional Championship are automatically invited to the National Championship Series, with the opportunity to enter at-large for other teams. The National Championship Series is the most exclusive futsal tournament in the United States, and has been a mark of excellence by the futsal community since 1994.

The US Youth Futsal Championship Series is the country's largest and most prestigious national youth futsal competition. The 2021-2022 Championships included four USYF State Championships, 12 USYF Regional Championships and the largest attended National Championship in our history. 

´╗┐Combined, our 16 Championship Series events provided over 11,833 players on 1,133 teams from 36 states the opportunity to showcase their talents against the best competition in the country. 

We are investing into growing our beautiful game and are currently accepting applications from candidates that are interested in hosting an upcoming USYF State Championship, which is part of our National Championship Series.

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What are the USYF National Championships?
  • Third and final phase of the USYF Championship Series.
  • Highly competitive event bringing together top teams in the nation.
  • Winners of each division will be crowned National Champions
  • National Championships are not open events, meaning teams must qualify to for an exclusive invitation to the tournament.
  • Winners of their respective Regional Championships receive automatic invitation to the National Championship in Kansas.
What are the Benefits to the Participating Teams?
  • Final step in the Player Pathway, and the ultimate test of individual and team strength.
  • Excellent opportunity for team development and identification on a National & International level.
  • A chance to be credited as a "National-Level" futsal program. 

The US Youth Futsal National Championship Series is the country's largest and most prestigious national youth futsal competition. We are investing into growing our beautiful game, starting with the development of futsal in hundreds of communities across the US through our affiliate network.

Interested in Learning More About the USYF National Championship?

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USYF Director of Tournaments & Sanctioned Events Shannon Johnson

Contact if Interested in Hosting a USYF Championship Series

Phone: 913-940-2551



Our Goal

The goal of the USYF National Championship Series is simple.  We want to provide a clear pathway for the top teams in the country to compete at a local, regional, and national level.

The Championship Pathway

STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The State Championships allow teams to compete locally against some of the top clubs in the area and get a feel for the competitive experience.  This is an open event for anyone to attend.

REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The Regional Championships draw from a larger geographic area and create a more competitive platform. Division winners earn an automatic bid to compete in the National Championships, Division Finalists will receive a preferred bid. This is an open event for anyone to attend, you do not have to win a state championship to register.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The highest-level tournament for any youth futsal team in United States, the USYF National Championships bring together the most competitive futsal teams in the country to battle for the title of United States Youth Futsal National Champion. This is an invitation only event including teams that were either Champions or Finalists from their respective Regional Championships, or if additional space is needed to complete a bracket we will accept at-large applications from teams that competed in a Regional Championship.


July 6 - 9, 2024.  The tournament begins on Friday morning. All teams must be available to play starting at 8 am.   Due to anticipated growth, please note we are planning to schedule most Semi-Finals and All Finals on Tuesday, July 9.  Teams should plan their travel to support the last potential Finals being played as late as 7:30pm on Tuesday, July 9th.

Ages Boys and Girls U9 - U19

Important Dates and


Registration Open for Guaranteed Acceptance Teams - February 3rd, 2024

Registration Closes for Guaranteed Acceptance Team  - February 28th, 2024

Registration Open for At-Large Teams - February 19th, 2024

Registration Closes for At-Large Teams - March 15th, 2024

Notification of acceptance of At-Large Teams - March 31, 2024


New Century Fieldhouse and Mid-America West Sports Complex

Games 3 minimum
Awards Champions and Finalists Medals and Team Trophies
Fees $750 per team
Player Fee $13.50 if not already registered with USYF
Daily Admission Under 12, no charge.  12 and older $5 per day.

Relive the Excitement - Watch archived Game

  • Download the GC New(Green) app and Set-up a username and password
  • Sign into the app
  • Click on the links below to join the fields (teams) you are interested in accessing archived games for--This will prompt a request to join that particular field(team)
  • Choose which subscription package fits your needs-one subscription will give you access to archived games on all fields- you must request to join each team by clicking on each specific link associated with that field

Enjoy the archived games!

USYF Court A            USYF Court D

USYF Court E                USYF Court F


Tournament will be officiated by the top referees in the United States and will draw from FIFA Futsal Referees and FIFA Futsal Referee Instructors.

Referees who are interested in officiating please use link here.



U9G 2014 FC Flair Girls 2014 White Safira Futsal G14 U9G 2014 MFA RevFutsal Elite 14G Black GSF 2014/2015G Gold
U10G 2013 FC Flair Girls 2013 White SOLE 2013 U10G 2013 GSF 2013G Gold Assassins U10G
U11G 2012 FC Flair Girls 2012 White FC Flair Girls 2012 Blue U11G 2012 GSF 2012G Gold OLé FC 12G Academy
U12G 2011 SOLE 2011 Safira Futsal G11 U12G 2011 GSF 2011G Gold Assassins U12G
U13G 2010 SOLE 2010 Gold Star Futsal Barcelona 10G U13G 2010 PSG OLé FC 10G Academy
U14G 2009 SOLE 2009 Safira Futsal G09 U14G 2009 MIFFA 09g Assassins U14G
U15G 2008 FC Flair Girls 2008 White Gold Star Futsal Sao Paulo G2008 U15G 2008 Canton Akron Vipers 08 OLé FC 08G Academy
U16G 2007 FC Flair Girls 2007 White Safira Futsal G07 U16G 2007 MIFFA 07g Assassins U16G
U17G 2006 FC Flair Girls 2006 White Dragons F-06 U17 2006 DPA 06/07G Showcase Dark Side Futsal
U18G 2005 FC Flair Girls 2005 White Safira Futsal G05 U18 2005 MIFFA 05g MFA RevFutsal Elite 05G Black
U9B 2014 Ginga 2014 TiTo Futsal B2014 U19 2004 Ole FC 04 Academy Cleveland City
U10B 2013 Ginga 2013 Black NY Select LC Futsal Academy B2013 U9B 2014 GSF 2014/2015B Gold MFA RevFutsal Elite 14B Black #2
U11B 2012 Ginga 2012 SUSA B2012 U10B 2013 GSF 2013B Gold GOAT 2013B Tekkers
U12B 2011 FC Flair Boys 2010 White JAB Elite B2011 U11B 2012 MFA RevFutsal Elite 12B Black Assassins U11B
U13B 2010 Ginga 2013 Black Crime Dime 2010 B U12B 2011 GSF 2011B Gold Cobra Kai Futsal
U14B 2009 Ginga 2009 Gray Safira Futsal B09 Red U13B 2010 Team Challenger FC B10 Black GSF 2010B Gold
U15B 2008 FC Flair Boys 2008 White Crime Dime 2008 B U14B 2009 OLé FC 09B Academy GSF 2009B Gold
U16B 2007 Frégates 2007 B Faucons B2007 U15B 2008 MFA RevFutsal Elite 08B Black MIFFA 08b
U17B 2006 Revs 2006 RIFC B2006 U16B 2007 SCOR Meulensteen 07 Black OLé FC 07B Academy
U18B 2005 Ginga 2005 Safira Futsal B05 U17B 2006 Life Academy '06 OPFC 2006 Boys Black
      U18B 2005 OLé FC 05 Boys Life Academy '05
      U19B 2004 Migos 04B Elite Ambassadors FC
U9G 2014 SUSA G14 Blue Alexendria 2014 Red U9G 2014 MIFFA 14g WIFFA 2014 Girls
U10G 2013 Ukrainian Nationals Blue 2013 Moxie Futsal Central PA 2013g U10G 2013 MFA RevFutsal Elite 13G Black GSF 2013 G Green
U11G 2012 SJEB FC 2012 Girls Red 2 TSJFA 2012 Squad I U11G 2012 MIFFA 12g WIFFA 2012 Girls
U12G 2011 EMSC Fortaleza Futsal G2010 Black TSJFA 2011 Squad I U12G 2011 SCOR-Meulensteen Black WIFFA 2011 Girls
U13G 2010 Overachieve Academy 2010 EMSC Fortaleza Futsal G2010 Black U13G 2010 BRUSFA 2010 girls green MICHIGAN WOLVES '11 GINGA
U14G 2009 EMSC Fortaleza Futsal G2009 Black Ukrainian Nationals Blue 2009 U14G 2009 ILFFA 2009 (U14G) ILFFA 2009 (U14G)
U15G 2008 TSJ FA North - 2008 SUSA G08 RL 1 U15G 2008 Migos 08G Elite SCOR-Meulensteen Black
U16G 2007 SJEB FC 07GA Black SJEB FC 07GA Red U16G 2007 PHOENIX 07G ACADEMY Reds 2006 girls red
U17G 2006 EMSC Fortaleza Futsal G2006 White SJEB FC 06GA Red  U17G 2006 MFA RevFutsal Elite 06G Black Life Academy '06
U18G 2005 Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert X U18G 2005 Hard Knocks X
U19G 2004 Coppa Sole Futsal U9B 2014 MFA RevFutsal Elite 14B Black #1 MFA RevFutsal Elite 14B Black #2
U9B 2014 Baller's Den U9 2014 Boys U10B 2013 ILFFA 2013 (U10B) MFA RevFutsal Elite 13B Black
U10B 2013 Pro Skill Futsal 2013 Boys - Green TSJFA South 2013 Crew 1 U11B 2012 MFA RevFutsal Elite 12B Black #2 MICHIGAN WOLVES '12 GINGA
U11B 2012 In10sity 2012 Black Alexandria 2012 Red U12B 2011 CSF Black OLé FC 10G
U12B 2011 In10sity 2011 Black Alexandria 2011 Red  U13B 2010 Midwestunited 2010 Boys Royal Strikers 10 select
U13B 2010 Brazuca futsal 2010 Brazuca Futsal 2010 Black U14B 2009 ILFFA 2009 (U14G) TRU 09 Boys
U14B 2009 Alexandria 2009 Red  Real Stars 2009 Boys U15B 2008 FC 34 Chicago 2008 MFA RevFutsal Elite 08B Black
U15B 2008 Brazuca Futsal 2008 Alexandria 2008 Elite U16B 2007 Forge 2007 Boys Cadence SFC 2007 Zego
U16B 2007 Alexandria 2007 Red Rowdies AC U17B 2006 MFA RevFutsal Elite 06G Black Life Academy '06
U17B 2006 Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert Alexandria 05 U18B 2005 Ginga Futsal 2005B Life Academy '05
U19B 2004 Brazuca 05  Alexandria 2005/04 Red U19B 2004 KP Futsal 04 Boys Migos 04B Elite
U9G 2014 Brusfa KC '14 CCF 2014 Girls U11G 2012 Richmond Strikers  2012G Orange FutsalRVA U11 Girls Pivo
U10G 2013 CCF Brusfa KC 13 U12G 2011 Richmond Strikers  2011G Orange X
U11G 2012 CCF 2012 Girls Blue Futsal Futuro's U13G 2010 FutsalRVA U13 GIRLS PIVO BLUE Richmond Strikers  2010G Orange
U12G 2011 CCF 2011 Girls Yellow TC SALA ACADEMY 2011 GIRLS U14G 2009 FutsalRVA U14 GIRLS In10sity 09 Girls
U13G 2010 TC SALA ACADEMY 2010 GIRLS CCF 2010 Girls U16 2007 In10sity Futsal 07 Girls Long Island Futsal Academy
U14G 2009 CCF 2009 Girls   Sporting MN 2009 Girls U17 2006 Richmond Kickers EVLV HSG Navy
U15G 2008 CCF 2008 Girls Forge 2008G U18 2005 Shooters X
U16 2007 Forge 2007G Real Far Post U19 2004 Intensity U19 X
U18 2005 Forge 2005G X U9 B 2014 Riptide 2014 X
U19 2004 TC SALA ACADEMY HSG X U10 B 2013 Riptide 2013 District Dynamo Stars
U9B 2014 CCF 2014 Boys LUFA 2014 U11B 2012 Alexandria Red FutsalRVA U11 Boys Blue
U10B 2013 North Stars U10 CCF 2013 Boys U12B 2011 In10sity 2011 Black FutsalRVA U12 Boys Blue
U11B 2012 CCF 2012 Boys North Stars U11A U13B 2010 FutsalRVA U13 Boys Blue In10sity 2010 Black
U12B 2011 CCF 2011 Boys Valedores FC U14B 2009 FutsalRVA U14 Boys Blue Futsal United 2009 Boys
U13B 2010 CCF 2010 Boys Sporting MN 2010 boys U15B 2008 Futsalrva 15 Boys Pivo Richmond United - Gray
U14B 2009 Sporting MN 2009 Boys North Stars U14 U16B 2007 NPC FC FutsalRVA HSB 2 Pivo Blue
U15B 2008 MN Rush Futsal Select U15B TC SALA ACADEMY 2008 BOYS U17B 2006 FutsalRVA HSB1 Blue Richmond Latino United U17
U16B 2007 Forge 2007B TC SALA ACADEMY 2007 BOYS U18 2005 FC Milan NPC05B
U17B 2006 TC SALA ACADEMY 2006 BOYS CCF 2006 Boys U19 2004 Belle Isle Strive for Greatness-elite red
U19B 2004 WSG X      
U9G 2014 Toque G2014 SAN DIEGO FUTSAL G14 U9G 2014 MASK Futsal 2014 G CISC 14 G
U10G 2013 So Cal Blues Futsal G13 Flynn PAMA G2013 U10G 2013 Paisitas 2013 CISC 13G
U11G 2012 So Cal Blues Futsal G12 Black Toque G2012 U11G 2012 EFC/DA 12 Girls PIVO X
U12G 2011 So Cal Blues Futsal G11 Ozzy Toque G2011 U12G 2011 EFC/DA 11G Pivo FTA 12G
U13G 2010 619 Futsal Academy G2010 Sean Toque G2010 U13G 2010 ATL Futsal Phantom Futsal G
U14G 2009 619 Futsal Academy G2009 So Cal Blues Futsal G09 Flynn/Black U14G 2009 FTA U14G Phantom 09 G
U15G 2008 Toque G2008 OC Premier Academy G08 PIVO U15G 2008 EFC/DA 08G Pivo X
U9B 2014 San Diego Futsal B14 Red PAMA/Next Level U9B 2014 EFC/DA 14 Boys Pivo ATLions 2014 Elite
U10B 2013 Pama Golden Knights  Toque Futsal U10B 2013 Los Amigos 2013B EFC/DA 13 Boys Pivo
U11B 2012 Toque B12 OC Premier Academy B12  PIVO U11B 2012 Los Amigos 2012B ATL Futsal 12B Pivo
U12B 2011 Toque B11 OC Premier Academy B11 PIVO U12B 2011 OS Tigers B2011 YCFC 2011B
U13B 2010 OC Premier Academy B10  PIVO So Cal Futsal Kings U13B 2010 ATL United 2011 Red EFC/DA 10 Boys Pivo
U14B 2009 OC Premier Academy B09  PIVO SoCAL Futsal Club U14 U14B 2009 EFC/DA 09 Boys Pivo ATL United 201o Black
U17B 2006 Scorpions Futsal RCF Select 2006 Boys U17B 2006 Terminators 06 JCFC3 Futsal 06
U18B  2005 619 Futsal Academy BHS X U19B 2004 Calasanz Santos
U10G 2013 D7 Futsal Club U90 FA 2013 G U10G 2013 MEG CITY FUTSAL NorCal Futsal 2013G
U11G 2012 D7 Futsal 2012 G South Futsal 2012G U13G 2010 MEG CITY FUTSAL NorCal Futsal 2010G
U12G 2011 South Futsal 2011G H-Town Ballers U14G 2009 SUSC Futsal 09G Lady Legends 09G
U13G 2010 South Futsal 2010G CCU Futsal 2010G U15G 2008 NorCal Futsal X
U14G 2009 South Futsal 2009 G U90 FA 2010 G U16G 2007 Toka 07 Girls Sac Town Spirits
U9B 2014 Rebaño Sagrado 2014 D7 Futsal 14b U9B 2014 Diablo Valley Futbol Club CVFA 14B Blue
U10B 2013 Heart and Sole 2013 Lethal Weapons FC 2011B U10 B 2013 NorCal 2013 SUSC Futsal 2013 B
U11B 2012 Houston All Stars Heart and Sole - 2012 Black  U11B 2012 MEG CITY FUTSAL NorCal 2012
U12B 2011 Heart and Sole Futsal Academy - 2011 Lethal Weapons FC 2011B U12B 2011 SUSC Futsal 2011B 2011B Blanco
U13B 2010 Heart and Sole 2010 Lethal Weapons FC 2010B      
U14B 2009 U90 FA 2009 Legacy 2009 Boys Gold  B      
U15B 2008 U90 FA 2008 Joga Bonito FC      
U16B 2007 South Futsal 07B INTER HOUSTON      
U10G 2013 Brusfa KC '13 Blue Brusfa KC '13 Yellow U10 G 2013 EJE7 2012 Girls X
U11G 2012 Grind City Futsal Sportstutor U13G 2010 RJ Futsal 2010 Girls X
U12G 2011 Las Ninas BRUSFA FUTSAL G11 U14G 2009 Joga Bonito Futsal G2009 EJE7 2010 Girls
U13G 2010 Sportstutor 10 Girls Grind City U9 B 2014 Naples Sharks 2014 Florida Crushers 2014
U16G 2007 Navy Sportstutor U10 B 2013 EJE7 2012 Boys Nxt Level Futsal 13b
U18G 2005 River City X U11B 2012 Florida Crushers 2012 EJE7 2012 Boys
U19G 2004 Grind City Futsal Joy of the People U12B 2011 Joga Bonito FA 2012 SWFL United 2012
U9B 2014 Cadence SFC 2014 Dynamo Kiev U13B 2010 Gauchito 2010/11 Messi Florida Crushers 2010
U10B 2013 STLDA 2013B Navy STL Futsal 2013 U14B 2009 South Futsal  Nxt Level Futsal 08/09b
U11B 2012 Falcons USA Futsal St.Louis U17B 2006 Florida Crushers 2006 X
U12B 2011 STL Futsal 2011 2011 USA Futsal U18B 2005 Orange Futsal Academy X
U13B 2010 USA Futsal STL 2010 Cadence SFC 2010 U19 2004 Bonita Springs Wildcats U17/18 Red united
U14B 2009 Ambush 20099 Premnier White      
U15B 2008 Cadence SFC 2008 SLSG 08      
U16B 2007 Cadence SFC 2007 Cadence SFC 2007 Zego      
U17B 2006 SportsTutor 06B French Soccer Academie      
U18B 2005 Field Force Axius      
U19B 2004 Essential Joy of the People      
BU09 2014 SIQ 2014B Xavi Sporting Wichita Platinum 2014      
BU10 2013 WSA 2013 Boys Gold KC Futsal Academy 2013      
BU11 2012 KC Futsal Academy 2012 Monett SC 12      
BU12 2011 Sporting Kansas City U12 Sporting City West 2011      
BU13 2010 Sporting KC U13 Argyle Sporting KC U13 Indigo      
BU14 2009 Orange Futsal Academy Unified LFC Premier 09      
BU15 2008 Sporting Wichita Elie 08 Ryogoku U15      
BU17 2006 French Soccer Academie X      
BU18 2005 CF Academy Blue  X      
BU19 2004 Sporting Wichita 05/04 SF Wanderers      
GU09 2014 SIQ 2014G FC Wichita 2014G      
GU10 2013 Brusfa KC 13 Blue Golden Stars 13      
GU11 2012 KC Futsal Academy 2012 Girls SportsTutor 12      
GU12 2011 Honeybadgers x      
GU13 2010 Athletics FC Brusfa KC 10      
GU14 2009 KC Islanders x      

2023 Championship Series a Huge Success!

USYF Posts Record Number of Teams and Players in our State and Regional Championships

14,113 players on 1,566 teams participated in the 2022-2023 USYF State and Regional Championships to travel the road that leads to qualifying for the USYF National Championships

The 2023 Youth Futsal National Championship is set to kick off July 7 - 10, 2023 in Overland Park KS.