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2019 Regional Champions Crowned

By John L. Haasis, 01/23/19, 2:45PM CST


OVERLAND PARK, KAN. (Jan.22, 2019) - United States Youth Futsal's Regional Championships were hosted in nine cities over the past three weekends, one last Summer, qualifying teams for the 2019 U.S. Youth Futsal National Championships. 

 1010 teams competed in the events, which took place in Boston, Cleveland, Kansas City, Naples, Fla., Philadelphia, Richmond, Sacramento, Charlotte and St. Louis. (San Diego was summer of '18)

 All division champions in the U9-U19 (Boys and Girls) Receive Guaranteed acceptance to the U.S. Youth Futsal National Championships, which will be contested Feb. 15-18 in Kansas City. Division finalists may apply for Preferred At-Large bids. High-performing team participating in a Regional may also apply as an At-large team.

Congratulations to all Champions and Finalist.


2010 - U9 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Southeast Joga Bonito Futsal Academy 2010 - Neymar Central Futsal 2010 Black
Atlantic Samuel Rec FC Sole Futsal Academy '10B
Northeast Manhattan Kickers U9 Ginga 2010 Boys
Great Lakes Edge 2010 Boys Blue Ginga Futsal
Central FC Wichita 10B Junior Academy Sporting BV Pre-Academy 10
Midwest Dobbs FC BRUSFA BOYS 2010
South Atlantic EFC Jr. DA 10 PIVO Barefoot Futsala DA U9 Boys
Mid Atlantic LMVSC 2010 Boys Elite FutsalRVA FDA Pivo Blue

2009 - U10 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Southeast Central Futsal 2009 Black Joga Bonito Futsal Academy 2009 - Coutinho
Northern California Toque LFC IAA BAY AREA 10B ACADEMY
Atlantic Sole Futsal Academy '09B Orange Barcelona
Northeast Ginga 2009 Boys Safira B09
Great Lakes DEFC 2009 Squad ABK 09B Academy
Central FC Legacy 09 City FC 09B Saintus
Midwest Next Play Cadence SFC 09/10
South Atlantic EFC/DA 09 PIVO Charlotte Futsal U10
Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U10B Pivo LMVSC 2009 Boys Elite
Southwest B2010 Navy Toque

2008 - U11 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Southeast Joga Bonito Futsal Academy 2008 - Ronaldinho PSG Academy 08
Atlantic Brazuca 2008 FCU 08
Northeast Ginga 2008 Boys GPS 08 Boys Red
Great Lakes Barbarian FC 2008 Boys Ohio Foxes - Premier
Central FC Legacy 08 Blackhawks 2008 Boys Black
Midwest STL Futsal 08/09 AUSC SELECT 08
South Atlantic Charlotte Futsal U11 Black EFC/DA 08 PIVO
Mid Atlantic Kickers FUTSAL U11 Boys Red Kickers FUTSAL U11 Boys White
Southwest Toque Academia Barcenas

2007 - U12 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Southeast Haze Venue FC Gauchito United 2007 Concha
Northern California Toque Sac City FC 07
Atlantic DC Hyper Futsal Pipeline Pre Academy '07s
Northeast Ginga 2007 Boys Grey FC Flair Boys 2007
Great Lakes Team Challenger FC B07 Black Ginga Futsal
Central TSC Futsal Academy 07B TC SOL 2007 BOYS
Midwest USA Bommarito STL Futsal 07
South Atlantic Charlotte Futsal U12 Black ATL Futsal 2007 - Boys - North
Mid Atlantic LMVSC 2007 Boys Elite FutsalRVA U12B Pivo
Southwest Street Smart Soccer SD Surfers

2006 - U13 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic Ballers 06B AFA Atletico
Northeast Ginga 2006 Boys Grey FC Boleiro 06 Boys
Great Lakes ABK 06B Academy ABK 06B Premier
Central Sporting Kansas City U13 Academy RISE 06 Boys A
Midwest Brusfa 06 Fire Phutbol Phenoms 2006
South Atlantic Charlotte Futsal U13 Black EFC/DA 06 PIVO
Mid-Atlantic Ballers 06B FutsalRVA U13B Pivo Blue
Southwest JF Academy Toque

2005 - U14 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Southeast Gauchito United 2005 Orange Soccer Futsal Academy 05
Atlantic PFA 2005 Brazuca Futsal 2006
Northeast North Atlantic FC 05B MA GPS 05 Boys
Great Lakes Guatemala 05 ABK 05B Academy
Central Sporting Kansas City U14 Forge 05B
Midwest Louisville Futsal Academy STLFC Navy 05
South Atlantic Charlotte Futsal U14 EFC/DA 05 PIVO
Mid Atlantic FutsalETA 05B FutsalRVA U14B Pivo Blue
Southwest Hotspurs Swaz

2004 - U15 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northern California SUSC Halcones 05B Cardinal Bears
Atlantic Ready Rangers 04 Brazuca Futsal 2005
Northeast Ginga 2004 Boys Red Dragons Boys-04
Great Lakes TFFC ABK 04B Academy
Central Forge 04B Toca FC 2004 MLS
Midwest Roadrunners B2004 Premier STL Futsal 04
South Atlantic Charlotte Futsal U15 Barefoot Futsala DA U15 Boys
Mid Atlantic Barcelona USA 04 Richmond United U15 Boys Red

2003 - U16 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northern California Team Delicious Sac City FC 03
Atlantic Ballers 03/04 PA Dominion
Northeast North Atlantic FC 03B MA Ginga 2003 Boys
Great Lakes ABK 03B Academy Sirius FC Los Tigres
Central Forge 03B Sporting BV Pre-Acadmey 03 Red
South Atlantic Club Atlanta Futsal Red-03
Mid Atlantic Richmond United U16 Boys Red Ballers 03B
Midwest Futsal Factory 03 Academy I Futsal Factory 03 Academy II
Southwest Great Whites Futsal Club I.D.

2002 - U17 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Southeast Orange Soccer Futsal Academy 02 Los Potrillos
Northeast North Atlantic FC 02B NH GPS 02 Boys
Great Lakes Phoenix 02B Academy Ambassadors 2002
Central Southampton Pro Academy 02 SPORTING BV Pre Academy 02 Red
Midwest Futsal Factory 02 Academy I Phutbol Phenoms 02/03
South Atlantic ATL Futsal 2002

2001 - U18 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northeast Black Knights F.C. 2001 Ginga 2001 Boys
Central Toca FC 2001 MLS Southampton Pro Academy 01 Red
South Atlantic Barefoot Salonistas Barefoot Futsala DA U18 Boys
Midwest Little Onions 01 STFA 01

2000 - U19 Boys

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic Sole Futsal Academy Los Amigos
Northeast AS Leones U19 Black Knights FC 2000
Great Lakes Cleveland City Futsal '01 West Akron National Team
Central JOTP Bizet Arsenal
Midwest Skillability Aurora Juventud-Chivas
Mid-Atlantic Screaming Eagles Barcelona USA 01

2010 - U9 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Midwest Brusfa Girls BFC Select

2009 - U10 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic Courage White PFA Fury
Northeast BRAZIL CT SAMBA 09 Girls South Shore Select 2009
Great Lakes MIFFA 09G West Team Challenger FC G09 Black
Midwest Cadence SFC 09/10 Girls LFA BLUE STAR FUTSAL ACADEMY 09
South Atlantic CR NM Grey jr 0 Barefoot Futsala DA U10 Girls
Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U10G Pivo Blue Kickers FUTSAL U10 Girls Red
Southwest SDSC G09 Navy Toque

2008 - U11 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northern California SUSC Futsal 08G Beastmode 08 Girls
Atlantic PFA Fury SJEB Rush FA Red
Northeast PFA Fury 08 Girls Red South Shore Select 2008
Great Lakes Edge 2008 Girls Blue Heart And Sole G2008
Central Sporting BV Switzerland 08 Rise 08 Girls N
South Atlantic ATL Futsal 2008 - Girls CR NM Grey jr 08
Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U11G Pivo LMVSC 2008 Girls Premier

2007 - U12 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northern California SUSC Futsal 07G Elite 08
Atlantic Puma Elite Futsal Academy Red 07G PFA Fury
Northeast BRAZIL CT SAMBA 07 Girls PFA Fury 07 Girls
Great Lakes MIFFA 07G WEST Team Challenger FC G07 Black
Central Sporting BV USA 07 - Stripes Sporting BV USA 07 - Stars
South Atlantic Hot Potatoes Barefoot Futsala DA U12 Girls
Mid-Atlantic Puma Elite Grey 07 Puma Elite White
Midwest Madison 56ers Red

2006 - U13 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic PFA EMSC Crew 06 Black
Northeast YESA Crazy Tigers PFA FC Albertson 06 Girls
Great Lakes Ginga Futsal Heart And Sole G2006
Central Forge 06G FC Legacy 06
Midwest Louisville Futsal 06G Madison 56ers 2006 Girls
South Atlantic Fusion 06 ecnl SFA 06
Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U13G Pivo Ballers 06G

2005 - U14 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northern California Slaying Queens Elite 05
Atlantic Puma Elite Corinthians 05G ole Futsal Academy '05G
Northeast Alleycats 2005 14 Girls
Great Lakes MIFFA 05G West Ginga Futsal
Midwest Ankles Broken Futsal Factory 05G Academy
South Atlantic Charlotte Futsal U14 G
Mid Atlantic Puma Elite Santos 05G Puma Elite Corinthians 05G
Southwest Futsal Club I.D Adidas One

2004 - U15 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic PFA Fury SJEB Rush FA
Northeast Safira G2004 South Shore Select 2004
Great Lakes Pickering SC 2004G Pittsburgh Assassins 04Girls
Central TSC Futsal Academy 05G KC Fusion Academy
South Atlantic EFC/DA 04 G Barefoot Futsala DA U15 Girls
Mid Atlantic BE Puma Elite 04G Sonic

2003 - U16 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic PFA Fury SJEB Rush FA
Northeast South Shore Select 2003 Safira G 2003
Southwest Super Strikers Futsal Club I.D. G04

2002 - U17 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Northeast PFA Fury 02 Girls GPS 02 Girls
Great Lakes Real Stars 2003 Girls Phoenix 02G Academy
Mid Atlantic RVA United FutsalRVA HSG

2000 - U19 Girls

Tournament Champions Finalist
Atlantic Regional Team 02 SJEB Rush FA
Northeast PFA Fury 01 Girls Samba Black
Great Lakes Babarian FC 2000 Girls HH U18
Mid Atlantic Spotsy Premier Girls Fredericksburg FC High School Girls