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Senda Athletics

Senda was started with a clear goal: disrupt the industry by embracing Fair Trade, bringing back craftsmanship, promoting joyfully playing, and improving lives along the way.

Senda works to turn the current business model on its head. The model of major brands paying players millions for endorsements, while going to the developing world and making factories compete to offer them the lowest price (often at the expense of workers) is a broken model that needs to be changed. 


Why Senda?

Instead of paying producers the absolute lowest possible price, Senda is committed to Fair Trade certification to improve livelihoods. 

Instead of cutting costs by lowering the quality of our products so we can spend that money on marketing, Senda uses only best-in-class materials and talented craftspeople. 

Instead of sponsoring famous players or clubs who already have millions, Senda partners with and equips soccer NGO's using the beautiful game to improve lives. 

Instead of talking about the game as a combat, we talk about it as a way to express yourself, create art, build community and bring about pure joy. 

Fair-Trade Certified

Senda is Fair Trade Prices

We pay our Fairtrade producers the price determined by the Fairtrade standards to ensure they can cover their average costs of sustainable production.

Senda is Fair Trade Premium

Our workers also receive an additional sum of money called the Fairtrade Premium, which is placed into a communal fund used to improve the community’s social, economic and environmental conditions.

Senda is Fair Trade Shop

Our workers have used their Fairtrade Premium fund to set up a Fairtrade shop where they purchase common goods at reduced prices.

What Does Fair Trade Mean?


Manufacturers meet social,economic and enviromental criteria

Worker's health and safety is safeguarded

No child labor

All workers in the supply chain receive at least the national minimum wage

Manufacturers receive an additional sum of money -the Fair Trade Premium for community and economic development project

The Team

Santiago Halty

Soccer is king in Argentina, where Senda Athletics founder Santiago Halty grew up. He doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t play. For him, soccer was more than a game: it was a way to spend time with friends, a path to self-confidence and the means to learn discipline. It is from that foundation that Senda –which means “path” in Spanish – was built.

Jeong Huh

Jeong grew up in South Korea, where he developed a passion for soccer and sports in general. He works to develop systems to help Senda operate more efficiently and effectively. He has been playing soccer for more than 20 years and can never turn down a chance to play. After moving to California, one of the first things he did was search for a place to play soccer. Once he found it, he was able to fully relax and begin his life in a new country.

Shop Senda Today!

Senda uses only top quality materials to make products that outperform the competition. Our soccer balls are hand-stitched by craftspeople using premium bladders, pre-stretched threads, and best-in-class synthetic leathers.