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Midwest Regional Championships

January  13 - 16, 2024

St. Louis, MO


Guaranteed Qualifiers are teams that participated in a current season USYF Regional Championship and were champions or finalist in their division.  In combined-age divisions*, each age has a Champion and Finalist.  Guaranteed Qualifiers must register and pay on or before February 28, 2023 to maintain their guaranteed status. 

At-Large team registration opens February 19th, 2024

All registrati0n closes on March 15, 2024

2024 Midwest Regional Championship

Gateway Futsal is proud to have been chosen by United States Youth Futsal to host the USYF Midwest Regional Championships. There are 13 USYF Regionals across the country, providing top level Futsal teams from surrounding states the opportunity to compete for the title of Regional Champion and an opportunity to qualify for the USYF National Championship July 6 - 9, 2024.

Selection as a host of a USYF Regional indicates that Gateway Futsal has superior facilities, experienced referees, organizational experience and a trusted reputation that draws top teams to their Regional.

Earn a $200 discount by playing in the 2022 Illinois State Championship

Division champions of the USYF 2022 Illinois State Championships will qualify for a $200 discount to the Midwest Regional January 13 – 16, 2023.  The discount applies exclusively to the USYF 2023 Midwest Regional Championship registration fee.  The division Champions are free to register in other USYF Regionals but are not eligible for the discount.

To qualify for the Midwest Regional discount

  • Team must have played in the 2022 Illinois State Championship and earned title of division champion
  • Division champions must register and pay the discounted Midwest Regional registration fee by December 22, 2022. 

Discount has no cash value and cannot be applied to any other USYF event.


U10G 2013 Brusfa KC '13 Blue Brusfa KC '13 Yellow U9B 2014 Cadence SFC 2014 Dynamo Kiev
U11G 2012 Grind City Futsal Sportstutor U10B 2013 STLDA 2013B Navy STL Futsal 2013
U12G 2011 Las Ninas BRUSFA FUTSAL G11 U11B 2012 Falcons USA Futsal St.Louis
U13G 2010 Sportstutor 10 Girls Grind City U12B 2011 STL Futsal 2011 2011 USA Futsal
U16G 2007 Navy MidUSA Elite U13B 2010 USA Futsal STL 2010 Cadence SFC 2010
U17G 2006 Sportstutor 06 x U14B 2009 Ambush 20099 Premnier White
U18G 2005 River City x U15B 2008 Cadence SFC 2008 SLSG 08
U19G 2004 Grind City Futsal Joy of the People U16B 2007 Cadence SFC 2007 Cadence SFC 2007 Zego
      U17B 2006 SportsTutor 06B French Soccer Academie
      U18B 2005 Field Force Axius
      U19B 2004 Essential Joy of the People

Teams are eligible to apply for the USYF National Championships under one of two categories;  Guaranteed Acceptance or At-Large Application.


Guaranteed Acceptance Teams - Teams that played in a USYF Regional and earned a Division or Age Group Champion / Finalist placement.  An Age - Group Champions / Finalists is used for teams that played in a combined age group (example - U9/U10  division).

Registration Opens For Guaranteed Acceptance Teams - Feb. 5, 2024.

Registration Closes for Guaranteed Acceptance Teams - Feb. 27, 2024.  
Guaranteed Acceptance teams, have until February 27, 2024 to register and pay the tournament fee to retain their guaranteed status.   Once guaranteed acceptance team registers, they can consider their spot secured and can begin booking their travel and hotels through TeamRunner.  If the the Guaranteed Acceptance deadline is missed, teams will forfeit their guaranteed acceptance status and become At- Large teams. 


At-Large Teams - Teams that competed in a  USYF Regional Championship but did not achieve Guaranteed Acceptance. 

Registration Opens for All At-Large teams - February 18th, 2024

Registration Closes for At-Large Teams - March 14, 2024

Notification of acceptance of At-Large Teams - March 31, 2024

At this deadline, registration for the 2024 USYF Nationals will close


Acceptance Criteria

  1. The guaranteed acceptance teams meeting the deadline will be accepted first. 

  2. After the guaranteed acceptance teams, the remaining slots will be filled by At-Large teams.

  3. All At-Large teams registering by the At-large deadline will be evaluated by the Tournament Committee. The At-Large group may also contain teams that earned a guaranteed acceptance but did not meet the Feb. 27th registration deadline.

  4. After tournament committee reviews the At-Large applications, acceptance status will be sent to those teams no later than March 31, 2024.


Go to National Championships site






DIRECTOR John Sciore

Phone: 314.604.4801


Phone: 314-808-6920

Out of town referees, please go to Referee Application  to submit applications


Tournament will be officiated by the best referees in the area including FIFA Futsal Referees and FIFA Futsal Referee Instructor.

Out of town referees who are interested, please apply here

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